Ilo-ilo City’s Netong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy

Netongs Original Special La Paz Batchoy in Iloilo City

Along with three (3) other bloggers from Cebu, we visited Ilo-ilo that is known for its delicious batchoy. But the thing is, there are “originals” everywhere and they’re all claiming that they’re all original. We talked to some locals in the area, and look it up online on where is the best batchoy in Ilo-ilo city. The name they gave us is Netong’s Orgiginal Special La Paz Batchoy.

The word “la paz” attracted us right away, and we’ve some interviews and videos of the owner about how they started, so we go ahead and look for them.

We stayed at Ong Bun Pension House, it’s a cheap hotel and we asked the guard on how to get to Netong’s and we’re very lucky that we just have to cross the street and get a jeepney that will pass by at the “La Paz Public Market”.

Netongs Orginal Special La Paz Batchoy

And yes, we realized that La Paz of the “La Paz Batchoy” actually means a Batchoy from the La Paz market. There are a lot of stores selling batchoy just outside the market, but Netong’s is located inside the market.

We enter that entrance there (photo above), we just follow the flow of the people there and there was a bit of crossing and we were a bit lost. So we asked a lady there, and it’s just right beside her store (didn’t noticed it. LOL.). So it’s best to asked around because they do know Netong’s and aware that there will be people looking for it.

We go inside, got a table, and the waitress gave us this menu.

Netongs Orginal Special La Paz Batchoy

I was actually not sure what to get (I mean what size), so I asked the waitress if she have a sample bowl for the serving so we’d know how big it is. It’s advisable for you to ask, if you’re like me. My friends got a huge bowl for themselves, the Mega Bowl but I only got myself the extra – and I was right, they were not able to finish it.

They also have other dishes available if you don’t like to try batchoy, but if you love soup and noodles do try it.

Netongs Orginal Special La Paz BatchoyIt just took few minutes to dig in, and it sip from our batchoy. The locals love the Netong’s Orgiginal Special La Paz Batchoy too, even the little boy who’s about 4 years old announced it in the restaurant that it is “Namit!” (Delicious!).

Netongs Orginal Special La Paz Batchoy

If you ask me to rate Netong’s batchoy, I’ll rate it 4 stars out of 5 stars. It’s different from regular batchoy’s I’ve tasted, so if you’re in Ilo-ilo city you should totally drop by and check it out. I was supposed to have a hunt for the best batchoy, but I think I’ll return in Ilo-ilo some other time and do that.

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