Using Movavi Screen Capture To Record Streaming Travel Visuals From Skype

Using Movavi Screen Capture To Record Streaming Travel Visuals From Skype

Is your best friend having a holiday abroad and shares the tourist attractions there with you on Skype? That’s great as it enables you to get a rare taste of the beautiful place just from your home? But it could be that your busy schedule might debar you from relishing all the travel visual on Skype while your friend is sharing those with you.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on those interesting travel visuals just because of lack of time. You will be glad to know that today you have the screen recording software programs that work to record the Skype calls so that you can watch them attentively  later in your free time.

The overwhelming number of screen recording software solutions might give you a hard time in picking the right software. You can take to Movavi Screen Capture for Mac as it’s one of the most recommended when it comes to choosing a great Skype recorder for Mac. Below is a post on recording the Skype calls on your Mac device with the Movavi program.

Step 1

In the first step, download and install the Movavi software program in your computer. The internationally recognized software is able to record audio from both output and input devices. Expand the list on input device & choose proper device for the recording.

Step 2

In the next step, you will set the sound parameters for the Skype call. Open your Mac menu followed by System Preferences and Sound. You will find current system output and input audio devices on corresponding tabs. Then, open Skype and press ⌘ to see settings window. Now, go Audio/Video tab and select “Same as System” for Speaker and microphone.

Step 3

Go to Skype window & call up your friend. As your friend takes the call, customize Capture Area as per your call window. Hit on REC to record your Skype call. You can pause the recording whenever you wish to.

Step 4

After the recording gets finished, you will be able to trim the video to delete off the unwanted captures from the Skype video.

Step 5

After the editing is done, open up Save as to pick a compatible video format. The Movavi program supports more than 180 multimedia formats for user convenience. Then, click on Save to save the Skype visual so that you can relish the beautiful travel visuals in your free time.

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