5 Steps and Tips for First Time Domestic Flyers in Mactan-Cebu International Airport

5 Steps and Tips for First Time Domestic Flyers in Mactan-Cebu International Airport

I noticed that there are actually few sites that do have or share some steps and tips for first time flyers, they are usually generic ones too. So I decided that every time I get the chance to try out an airport, I’ll share with you guys here in Exotic Philippines blog the experience I have, along the steps for the specific airport.

Today, we have the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and that was when I was going to Davao Philippines for the BIMP-EAGA and IMT-GT Business Leaders’ Conference. So, I got the chance to take photos of every step but sadly, I wasn’t able to use my Canon DSLR for this since it’s too big to carry around and too obvious – people might think I’m weird. So, apologies if the photo quality is not that good since I just used my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos phone camera – hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade it soon to get better photos.

Anyway, here are a couple of steps that you’ll take till you’re on board on the plane along with some tips within the steps.

STEP #1: Domestic Entrance

The entrance for the international and domestic flights are different, so if you’re going to take a taxi to the airport, let the driver know to drop you at the domestic entrance of the airport.

* Make sure you’re at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight. It’s best if you’re already at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled flight.

STEP #2: Baggage Check

Once you enter the domestic entrance go straight, there’s a stairs there and on the side there’s a way for the ones with strollers or carts – the flat floor going up, what do you call that?

Anyway, enter another door and immediately you’ll see the baggage x-ray machine wherein you’ll place every single bag you have with you – yes even your shoulder bag.

STEP #3: Check in!

After having your bags go through the x-ray machine, go straight and you’ll see some counters for the airlines. As for me, my plane for the day is the Cebu Pacific Air, so look for my flight number and destination – which was 5J 597 for Davao.

Give your printed copy of your ticket so they can verify your spot, and then they’ll ask you to weigh your bags for check in (the ones you’ll not carry yourself on board).

They’ll then give you a paper wherein your gate number, seat number, and other flight details can be found.

Make sure you don’t lose this especially if you have some bags checked in since they usually stick the sticker of your bag tag’s details there. Put this somewhere accessible too on your bag or pocket since before boarding, they’ll ask for this.

* Hand carry bags are only a maximum of 7 kilos for Cebu Pacific Air.
* Print your copy of the ticket in advance. Make sure you put your printed ticket and boarding pass in your bag that is accessible.

STEP #4: Departure Lobby Baggage Check

Look for the departure lobby, which is on the left side of the Cebu Pacific Air check in desks. But before you enter to the departure lobby, they’ll ask for another bag check via the baggage x-ray machine.

They’ll be stricter this time around. There might also be guards that will examine every inch of you, and you need to remove everything metal on you. Put your hand carry bags too on the x-ray machine and phone on the basket provided.

* Don’t wear anything metallic. Even belts.
* Put your phone or gadgets on your bag so that you don’t have to remove everything metallic on you. I usually put my phone on my bag because I’m clumsy sometimes that I don’t notice my phone fell off. So I pass quickly to their body check.

STEP #5: Find Your Gate

Now, once you’re in the departure area there are a lot of food stalls and souvenir stores there. Hold on to yourself! Don’t buy anything yet if you’re hungry or find some items really cute that you want to buy it.

Find your gate first! Especially if you’ve got few minutes left before the plane leaves, and usually the plane allows boarding about 30 minutes before they leave. Once you found your gate, the feel free to go back to the area where there are food and souvenirs available.

No worries, they also have the clock there and every announcement that you can hear near the gate can be heard at the area. But if you’re done eating and your departure time is about an hour away, go back to your gate and wait there since they usually starts boarding around that time.

I do hope these steps will help you on your first flight at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. If in any case I missed something, or wish to add an additional tip please do feel free to share it with us through leaving a comment below. Cheers!

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