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BIMP-EAGA & IMT-GT 2014 Live Social Stream

 BIMP-EAGA IMT-GT 2014 Live Social Stream

As your reading this, I'm in Davao to attend the second BIMP EAGA Business Conference, as the media blogger representative of Cebu Philippines and of course Exotic Philippines - and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte just pass by me.

It's hard to live blog about it since I have to move around and there are times that the internet connection will go down. So here's my only solution, sending you the LIVE social stream of the event for the whole week.

If you're following me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram then no worries, you'll see it there too but below you'll find everything about my  BIMP-EAGA and IMT-GT 2014 experience in one page.

I'll try to update everyone as much as possible, but if you're in Davao Philippines please do drop by at the SM Lanang Premier and check it out yourself. You'll surely learn a lot from the business leaders in Asia, and may get to partner or buy products from different countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and of course the Philippines.

So, check out the event here:

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