Meximama – Affordable Mexican Food Trip

I was invited by a friend to come and join her with other bloggers to try out a new mini restaurant near my place. It’s located at the Marina Mall (Save More Pusok), and just a couple minutes away from my place. If you’re going to the airport, you’ll surely be able to drop by at this new Mexican (mini) restaurant.

I really don’t know what to call it, that’s why I’m using the “mini” word. Since the area where they cook is just small and just enough for them to cook but they do have a number of tables for you to occupy.

I’ve never tried Mexican food before, so I was excited to try it out and share it here on the Exotic Philippines blog even I was tired of the 3 days event we’ve handled – lack of sleep and still up for a food trip. Luckily, I have my blogger friends tagging along to make the lunch more pleasing.

Dig in girls!

But of course, you're wondering what did served us. So here are the dishes that we’ve tried on that day, since they have a buffet style set up for their soft opening.

Meximama Street Food Tacos and Main Courses

First off, let's start with the ones that they have all ready for us on the table before we were called up to the buffet table.

(Forgot the Name)
Food Rating: 3.5 stars

I've tried one piece of this. I don't know what's the exact name of this and the ingredients, but the one at the bottom is similar to a pizza crust. 

Sisig Tacos

Food Rating: (NA)

I can't give you a food rating on this since I haven't tasted it. I wish I did though because I love sisig.

Chili and Honey Wings

Food Rating: 4 stars

I love chicken, I love chicken wings! I love spicy food, and imagine how much I liked this. But to warn you, this is above average spicy but not that spicy. Totally a must try!

(Forgot the Name)

Food Rating: (NA)

Another one that I didn't try, because I was really full. Can't take another bite!

Baja Fried Fish Fillet

Food Rating: 3.5 stars

Surprisingly, I liked it. I'm not really into fish but I think it's because of it's sauce that made me love this.

Costillas de Cerdo

Food Rating: 4 stars

I like ribs and chef did put something on this really unique that it gives you a unique taste. I actually suck this one to the bones. It's a bit spicy but you would be able to handle it.

Fried Rice

Food Rating: 3 stars

It's a Mexican version of fried rice. It's unique but blended well with the other dishes.

As for our desserts, they served us with their Churros! I would compare their churros with the Oishi Manju but this one doesn't have the sweet stuff inside, but you have to dip it. The Churros itself is good too, crispy and soft inside.

Churros Con Chocolate

Food Rating: 3.5 stars
The chocolate dip is a real good chocolate. The churros is not sweet but the dips are sweet.

Churros Con Dulce de Leche

Food Rating: 3.5 stars

Comparing the Chocolate and Dulce de Leche, I love this one much better. Maybe because I'm a milk lover and this one is sweeter than the chocolate and feels just right with the churros.

How to Get there?

As you can see on the map, it's just right beside the road going to the airport. If you're going to take a jeepney, they call it SAVE MORE (SM) instead of Marina Mall - so you wont be confused why there's no one saying Marina Mall.

There's an easier way to go around to Meximama but I think this one is more simpler and easier for you to remember. Go inside the Save More supermarket, and then go outside (on the other side, at the parking area.

Then go left (if you're facing the parking lot and on the side of the Save More door.

This area is actually  the delivery area for Save More, but go inside there, straight and you'll see this...

Yes, from there and go left again. And you'll see that area above. Just go straight and you'll have to go left a bit and see this (below).

The tables is the area where you can eat your Meximama orders.

See the two (2) girls in white shirt choosing from the menu? That's the area of Meximama where you can take orders and  where they also cook your orders. You may then sit down, relax and wait for your orders.

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