Bahal Max - No Worry, No Hangover

Have you ever tasted the coconut wine? Well, you should try the Philippines version of affordable wine, the fermented coconut wine that we call Tuba. Luckily for me, I was able to find and get to visit the owner of the Bahal Max, the coconut wine maker in Argao Cebu Philippines.

I grew up knowing that tuba is the affordable version of wine of the locals here in the Philippines. Especially that I’m grew up in a province that also grow and have a lot of coconut trees, I do see a lot of locals (usually the farmers) drink this type of wine. It’s cheap and it deals with their thirst!

On my trip to Argao, my guide Janine took me to the Bahal Max owner Mr. Nilo Sedon whose backyard is now where he makes his fermented coconut wines.

Just right outside their house, you'll be able to see the sign above. Their house is really nice and well landscaped (by the owner).

The above photo are his newly harvested coconut wines, they do really smell good that I want to take a sip right away - well, smells good for someone like me. They mouth of the container is actually open because they have to get some air to separate the bubbles.

The bottle above contains the 3-4 months old (I forgot how much old exactly) and the bottle is worth for only P30.

 Now the bottle above is the one I bought, it's actually a coconut vinegar that's spicy - quiet similar to the famous Pinakurat and I think it worth P35. I already used it with my food for about a month now and it actually taste good, and I love spicy food.

 They also have a bottled wine like the  one above. I think it's a 1 liter worth P50 per bottle.

They have different type of wine, this one (above) is the coconut wine called Bahalina which I think left for years which also worth P50.

The other type of wine that they have in the bottle like this is their Mangonilo - a wine from Mango. Didn't taste it or buy it but it's also worth P50.

The Bahal Max products are the ones above. If you have a friend who loves wine, then better try to buy them the Bahalina which is just around $2 (P50).

Want to give it a try? You may contact Mr. Nilo Sedon via his home telephone number (032) 485- 8838. If you're dropping by at Argao, you could totally drop by at their home and buy their products in a cheaper and affordable price.

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