What’s Up 2014?

Exotic Philippines 2014

Another year, another book to close, and another one to start. It’s been an awesome 2013 for me, but I know there’s still A LOT OF ROOM for improvement. I’ve been trying to fulfill my dream these past years and that includes traveling and blogging.

But hey, from zero vacation in 2012, I got 1 out of town trip in 2013 and would love to have more this 2014. I’ve been just roaming around Cebu this year and sitting in my coach to work, and I really want to leave this island at least once this year. Maybe go back home in Bukidnon to get the chance to smell that fresh air again, or visit Manila again (because the last time I was there was when I was 12). Going out of the country will be a huge thing, but crossing my fingers for it!

What’s New in Exotic Philippines for 2014?

I’ve been thinking for this for months. I was again thinking of selling the blog, but having my blog recognize at the first AsiaRooms.com Blogger Awards and by Best Cebu Blogs Awards, is a big thing for me. It inspires me to strive more, that’s why I’ve kept on saying “inspiring” on both of my posts. It makes me not to want to quit and having people on the fan page, adding me as a friend (on Facebook) and leaving a comment on a blog helps a lot too.

So I think it just serve everyone right for me to do a lot better this year, and that is by trying to travel at least a little more and adding the following segments on the blog:

Getaway Away…

I’ve actually started it already. It’s simply the segment where I’ll have to getaway at least a day, look for the best things to do in a destination and share it with everyone. It’s ideal for people like me who only got a day to getaway from the city, from work, from your usual days in your life. Just a day to relax, discover and live your life.

I'm not also sure with the name of the segment, so your ideas are all welcome!!!

Food Trip

I’ll not only try to add segments on the blog, but also food. I’ve actually been doing this for the past 3 years but not totally focus to it. So this year, let’s eat, travel and eat!

Most likely I’ll be accompanied by my best friend and/or my family (especially if it’s in Cebu), because I don’t want to eat alone especially if it’s all in my own expenses.

But if the restaurant wishes to sponsor it, it will be like my food review on Spaghetti Factory (Cebu) but I’ll try to take a video of us eating.  So for those restaurants, who wish to be featured on the blog feel free to contact me. If you’re in Cebu, I’ll try to tag some foodie bloggers along with me too!

Filipino Language Tutorial

It’s been around since we started the blog, and I’ll try to have it again this year. Because I believe we were not able to make at least one this year, right?

Mama’s Corner

My Mama will try to join us this year, she actually have 2 videos lined up to be posted. She’s not into computers, she doesn’t want to write so she goes for the video. The topic? Whatever she wants. She doesn’t have anyone else to talk to anymore, my siblings are usually busy and I’m working even though I’m at home all day (too focus to work). So I’d rather have her to talk to you guys, you might also learn something from her – I’ve learned a lot.

One of our readers too who’s now a good (online) friend of mine (on Facebook), Barbara. I’ve been posting about my Mama (I think a lot lately), and she says:

Mamas Corner

But the thing is, I’m still trying to think what should I name the segment. I want something cute, funny and something that fits her. “Mama’s Corner” is too simple, so help me out guys. I’m still in the middle of creating the video intro and the music too, so any ideas?

Be Featured on Exotic Philippines

I have to renew my card to book a flight or two this year, and still thinking where should I go but let me grab this chance to ask and invite any business who wish to be featured on the blog through a review. The place with the most invites will be maybe the place I’ll go first, if you’re in Cebu then there’s no problem. I can do it anytime but let me know at least a week ahead (since I also have clients to take care of).

If you wish to invite Exotic Philippines in your area and get the chance to be featured on the blog, then please do feel free to fill in the form below and make sure your contact info is posted. E-mail is preferred since I’m an internet addict and I have an email alert.

For your questions, inquiries and if you need information and other details on how this works, then just fill up the form:

Happy New Year and have a great one!

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