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Blogger Interview with Lois of

I’m not sure if I have mentioned since when I’ve wanted to travel. But pretty much I started traveling everywhere since I was little with my parents, but it stopped when I need to be serious with my studies. But that feeling came back when I started watching the TV show of ABS-CBN's “Trip na Trip”.

This is one of the new segment that I just thought that we must have it now on the blog, but have already think of this since I started blogging. It’s a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and share with you guys other great bloggers out there that you must know get to know too.

To start our segment, we have Lois of who I have been following since 2011. She has been around the world already and she loves to surf (one of the things I really want to learn and do).

I actually sent her the questions around 2012 and because I was planning to have a bloggers in a post, I waited for the others who did not sent their reply up to now. But those bloggers I’ve asked for an interview back then was okay to have it, but I think they’re still traveling and they’re busy they totally forgot it. But anyway, 2014 is here and Lois here will start our “will be” tradition here in Exotic Philippines blog.

So without further ado, here’s a short 3 questions interview with Lois Yasay.

You already have been featured and published in magazines, won the Best Travel Blog 2011 the National level for the Philippine Blog Awards, released an e-book, appear in a travel show, helped and thanked by a lot of people because of your tips and guide on your blog, and of course have a very successful blog. How did blogging and travel change your life?

Blogging and travel changed our life in a big way. We've learned so many things that we probably wouldn't learn in school or at work such as writing, connecting with people, and community building. We have also learned life skills such a letting go of our fears, being open to change and surviving despite the challenges.

It's definitely an amazing experience to start from scratch and create a blog that matters. And when I say a blog that matters, the criteria is that the blog has changed our lives and the lives of our readers. We have been given so many amazing opportunities through the blog and we are so grateful for that.

When you think of all the memories you’ve made in different destinations, which can you say is the best?

The best memories are the ones we have shared with others. One chance encounter was meeting a bunch of merry travelers in Thailand and deviating from our plan and just taking a leap of faith by going to Myanmar with them. That was a truly mind-blowing experience. We explored Myanmar mostly overland with 10 strangers from all over the world and we parted ways as lifelong friends.

What thing that you wish you could put in a bag and travel with you?

I wish I had a surfboard everywhere I went so I can just jump into the water and paddle out every time I would see decent sized waves. But it's not very practical to do that. Otherwise, I don't need much to travel.

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