Top Ideas For Family Vacations

What comes to mind when you are thinking about family vacations? In the past, taking children on vacation could be problematic, to say the least. Most vacation resorts were not set up to accommodate the needs of children and there are a lot of vacation ideas that I could share with everyone reading the Exotic Philippines blog.

Traveling as a family was not always pleasant or desirable. With the exception of a few mega, child-oriented resorts, there was little to offer family groups that were looking for a vacation that was both entertaining, and rejuvenating.

All of that has changed now! Parents can simultaneously enjoy adult activities, and family entertainment, in one resort! Many of the large family resorts that formerly catered only to adults, are now offering a well-spring of activities for children and have many packages designated as family vacations.

Today, you can find themed resorts for your family vacation ideas that include:

  • Beach vacations with activities such as swimming with the dolphins, sailing, snorkeling, para-sailing, boating, water park style rides and slides, and a vast array of sea life to view and interact with
  • Historic vacation locations, such as Colonial Williamsburg, can impart the richness of our history as well as entertain us with golf, swimming pools, beautiful and lush gardens to tour, tennis, and even arts and crafts events for children and adults
  • Outdoors style vacations are plentiful and you can find thrilling activities such as staying in a tree house, sailing down a zip line high in the tree canopy, viewing exotic birds, playing on rope swings, walking over suspension bridges, horseback riding on trails, and learning to build a tree house of your own.
  • For older children, a vacation at a dude ranch will give them a taste of the old West as well enjoying trail rides, swimming, hiking, and living the cowboy lifestyle complete with evening campfires
There is a vast array of family resorts and resort activities to indulge in as a family unit for a family vacation. Most resorts offer kids only activities that allow the parents to enjoy a little time by themselves as well. The first decision to make when creating your next family vacation is to decide on a theme or style. From there, finding a great resort that will entertain both the children and the family can easily be done by a search on the Internet, or by working with a travel agent.

Whether you have a large family, or a small family, finding perfect family vacations destinations for your needs will give you a lifetime of memories, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Start planning your next family vacation today!

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