Discovering the Philippines: Our Top 3 for Autumn 2013

Discovering the Philippines

With well over 7,000 islands to its name, the archipelago of the Philippines is a destination that sure requires careful planning and selection in order to be enjoyed at its best. As a result, it becomes essential to skim through countless options before leaving, as well as knowing where you can find the most inspiring areas to discover all about Philipino culture. In this article we have listed the three most underrated destinations for your Autumn visit to the country, places that will make you never want to leave.


Located to the North-West of Manila, Zambales is the nearest beach to Manila. Thanks to the convenient location, it easy to reach also for tourists on a budget, thanks to the many flights to the capital available from holiday comparison sites. Considered to be a paradise for surfers, Zambales’ beaches of San Antonio and San Felipe welcome the largest numbers of wave daredevils. As accessible as it is, this is in fact an area that has a lot more to offer than just powerful waves: Zambales is also a dream destination for hikers, with mountains covering the biggest part of the province. And for an unforgettable daytrip, Capones Island is just 30 minutes off the coast and will surely impress you with its rugged landscapes, historic lighthouse and remote beaches.


Few destinations around the world embody the unspoilt beauty of nature more than the Philippines do: Camiguin Island is a fantastic getaway if you’re looking to escape mass tourism and discover how powerful and appealing to the senses this archipelago can be. With a volcanic history, this island witnessed an eruption at the end of the 19th century. As a result, the ancient town of Catarman is now underwater, with the Sunken Cemetry being the most noticeable sight around here. Along with enough options for sea lovers, who will sure be amazed at the sight of White Island’s sandbar, the secluded waterfalls of Tuawasan and the hot springs of Mt. Hibok Hibok are remarkably unique attractions, making Camiguin one of the smallest yet one of the most varied islands in the whole country. To make the most of your visit here, consider coming during the third week of October, when the vibrant and colourful Lanzones Festival takes place.

Cagayan De Oro

Rafting is surely not a prerogative of the Northern Hemisphere, and that’s easy to see in Cagayan de Oro, which is considered to be the most thrilling whitewater area in the country. Adventure is part of the daily life here: the stunning Sky Bridge and its breath-taking zipline extend 120 feet off the ground and represent an unrivalled challenge to your bravery.  After an experience like this, rafting in the Cagayan de Oro River will surely look less dangerous, and river trekking will be nothing more than a relaxing and well-deserved moment of communion with nature.

Photo Credits: Ironchefbalara

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