How to Snag the Best Last Minute Travel Deals?

Last Minute Travel Deals

Some holidays are planned for months, but to get the best travels deals it’s frequently best to leave things until the last minute. These getaways can clear the mind and restore the body just as well as the holidays that require meticulous planning. However, they can typically be done at a fraction of the cost. Understanding how to find the best possible deals is a good place to start.

Choose a Destination

You’ll have to approach this trip with an open mind. Start with a broad goal, like being able to lie on a beach, see great museums or ski the slopes. Then, start looking for destinations offering great last minute deals that allow you to do these things.

Know Where to Browse

Lots of websites specialise in finding last minute bargains for flexible travellers. There are no shortage of late deal holiday companies online. For UK travellers, HolidayHypermarket have lots to choose from. In the US, Expedia or Priceline would be good places to start. Australian readers could try Flight Centre.

The Flexible Flyer

Airfares can vary widely from one day to the next. A flight that may be impossibly expensive on a Friday may be dirt cheap on a Tuesday. This is another opportunity for you to save money. Look for flights in the middle of the week, late at night or early in the morning. Airlines often struggle to fill the seats on these flights, leaving plenty of room for spectacular last minute travel deals.

Look for Alternative Airports

Flying into major airports like LAX and Dallas-Fort Worth is often more costly than choosing a nearby airport in another city. As an example, the Los Angeles area boasts a number of efficient airports in places like Orange County and Long Beach. If flying into London Heathrow is too expensive, London Gatwick may be an affordable alternative. Look for flights landing at other airports in the area to get a break in price.

Think One Way Tickets

Sometimes, the best way to score a deal on last minute airfare is to choose one way tickets rather than round trip. This gives you the flexibility of being able to choose two different airlines and two different airports, meaning you can choose rock bottom pricing for each leg of your trip.

Great Hotel Deals

Resort managers simply hate to have unfilled rooms. That’s why it’s not unusual to see big discounts at the last minute. They may be available on the hotelier’s website, but sometimes it pays to call the hotel. Ask the representative for the best possible rate, and you just might be surprised by the answer. Occasionally, a hotel will offer steep discounts that are not available online at the last minute. Great last minute travel does require a bit of luck, but if you’re determined to get a deal, you can craft an outstanding getaway in no time. Stay flexible with your options, and the sky’s the limit on your next quick holiday.

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