6 Hidden Beaches of the Philippines

Philippine Beaches

The Philippines offer some of the most beautiful beaches found in Asia. If you are in search of some beautiful beaches that will keep you relaxed and cooled off, then you are definitely in the right country. The beaches will have you surrounded by incredible environments with crystal blue waters and gorgeous weather, so let's take a look at some great hidden beach options for you to explore.

Daplac Cove

Located on Boatan Island, San Vincente, Palawan, this beach is rarely ever spoken about, other than ownership arguments, but is well worth mentioning due to its white sand, jungle like atmosphere, and mix of fresh as well as salt water. It is protected by the people and is considered a natural reserve, so you can find all types of marine wildlife and natural habitats all around. Some of the endangered animals in the area are the Palawan Hornbillsas, Tabon Bird, and also eagles. Don't get caught trying to fish or cut any of the trees, because there will be plenty of repercussions.

Siargao Islands

These islands are usually overlooked by most tourists, but they are beautiful and are known for a great place to surf. Any skill level of surfer can ride the waves because different areas will offer all types of wave lengths. Sometimes you can even run into a professional riding 3 meter high waves. Although the locals know all about the beaches here, they are still much less crowded than the popular beaches of the Philippines so they are a great choice for anyone looking to explore different beaches. The islands are located in Surigao del Norte.


This is a perfect spot for anyone who wants to get away from city life and take a break for all the hassles that come with it. Pagudpud provides large areas for you to play in that is peaceful and doesn't have many people around to both you. Photographers are known to be seen around the area taking pictures of the beautiful environment and if you feel like exploring the surrounding area, you will find monolithic windmills and other great sights. There is sometimes also a great deal of wind for those of you who like to windsurf or kite board. You will find Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte.

Matukad Island

The island is located across from a very popular beach area, so it is a great alternative if you find yourself in Gota Beach but wanting a less crowded experience. The island provides white sandy beaches that are quite similar to those found within Boracay, but has different features. You can find limestone cliffs located right at the beachfront, and since the island isn't inhibited, you will find plenty of other beautiful natural sights.

Mahabang Buhangin

Located within the Calaguas Islands of Camarines Norte, you will be able to explore this uninhabited beach. This is a place that takes some work and adventure to get to, but will be very worth it in the end. You have to first, travel for over 2 hours in open seas to get there, then once you are there, you won't find much for accommodations. Make sure to pack a tent as well as backpacking equipment if you plan to stay more than just a few hours and also bring food and water. There is almost no sign of civilization on this long beach, so be prepared to experience a truly original beach.


The original plan for the area was to make it a major tourist destination, but was stopped in the middle of the project, leaving many unfinished structures and undeveloped areas. Just because the project was stopped doesn't mean that you won't find incredible beaches and kid friendly environments. Located in Polillo Islands of Quezon, it requires a 4 hour boat ride or a flight to get to. It has become quite forgotten so it can provide a nice a quite getaway for anyone. It doesn't matter if you are going to the Philippines with friends, family, or even by yourself, you will never have a hard time finding beautiful beaches to relax on. There will never be a shortage of clear waters, cool breezes, and exciting adventures that people of all ages can enjoy.

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