Why You Should Have Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance

People who go on holiday often gamble with their life, health and money, even those that are avidly against any form of gambling. Who are these people? Those who do not take out travel insurance. They think it is useless, a waste of money, and nothing will happen to them. Well strangely, it is the people who say that something happens to other people that discover it can happen to them as well.

 So do you really need travel insurance? Well, unless you have a crystal ball and can see the future, then you definitely need travel medical insurance even in a single trip.

Here are a number of examples where normal people have discovered how useful insurance or as for this topic a travelers insurance is, and for those involved in these incidents who had no insurance; well they learnt the hard way. The infographic shows you further examples of what can go wrong on a holiday that insurance would cover.

First off, check out this infographic I found online that may also help you understand in having a travel insurance.

Volcanic Ash Clouds

Well you don’t need to worry about these do you, they are rare. Wrong. They happen every year all over the globe, even lately here in the Philippines - and sadly there were foreigners who went up in the volcano that needs to be rescued. They either shutdown airports, or cause a delay in flights. Take the massive ash cloud that was thrown up in Iceland in 2010, it spread so far across Europe, most of the air traffic ground to a halt. Some people even ended up being rescued by the Navy. It is reckoned that more than 10 million people were stranded in one way or another. EU air traffic was down to 25% at one point, with over 100,000 flights cancelled. Those who had no travel insurance had to pay out for a lot of things and even this happened in a single trip, and for some people, it was money they could not afford.

Food Poisoning

You will be surprised how much food poisoning happens on holiday, and the risks increase the less westernized the country is. Most people know to avoid the water, but then have ice in drinks, and do not clean their teeth with bottled water. Then food hygiene is not top of the list in some countries. Insurance will cover the cost of anything you miss that is pre-booked due to illness, as well as your medical bills, which in some countries can be excessive, especially if you are hospitalized. Salmonella covers 50% of all food poisoning cases.

Lost Luggage

This happens quite often, especially on international flights, and those that include a change of flight. 3 Out of every 1000 people will have lost luggage at some point, and that means 1 person for each international flight. Insurance or as we also call travelers insurance will cover the replacement of what you lose and also an insurance may also help when you have a trip cancellation.


Whether it is a minor incident, or you suffer a chronic injury, you are likely to be faced with a huge medical bill. There is some free cover in the EU, but it only covers the basics, whereas insurance including the travelers insurance will cover everything from prescribed medicines and a visit to the doctor, to airlifting you out of the country with your own private doctor and nurse. In a lot of countries, if you have no insurance, or no way of paying then they will not treat you. It has been known for people to die in a foreign country, due to not having travel insurance cover.

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