My Heart Will Go Online

As some of you may know and aware of, there are already a number of foreigners who come here in the Philippines to meet someone and take the chance to have and experience the Filipino love.

Honestly, there are a number of foreigners who sent me an e-mail and a message on Facebook asking some advice and also some ask why I stopped talking about dating and relationship with a Filipina here in Exotic Philippines. So here's a blog post with a very informative infographic to satisfy your dating needs.

With the internet and the latest technologies these days it's becoming more easier for everyone to date even just through the virtual world. Some also try their luck in searching for a Filipina through dating sites or chat rooms online.

Skype is one of the tools that they mostly used in staying connected, if it's for a relationship, business, partnership or not a lot of people do use Skype as their communication tools.

Now, here's an infographic from Skype that I believe that lovers might get some ideas and tips in improving your search and dating online.

I only use Skype to get in touch with people I already know or will work with. I usually reject requests of people I don't know who they are and what they want. I've got a bad experience once in accepting an invitation from someone that made me create another account, so I learned my lesson and start rejecting requests from someone I don't even know.

With the list of dating sites listed above, you might start your search there and if you found someone whom you're interested with, you could ask if the other will want to stay in touch through Skype or social sites. Don't add someone randomly via Skype for most likely (especially if they're well aware of the danger) they'll just reject your request.

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