How Do You Survive an Earthquake?

These past few months I've noticed that we've been experiencing more frequent earthquakes here in the Philippines. Comparing to other years, there has been an increasing number of earthquake activities here in the country where quiet a lot of number of Filipinos are afraid of since the tsunami in Japan happened.

We do have earthquakes here in the Philippines but not as strong as we've been experiencing lately and not as frequent as this. It was actually my first time few months ago when I thought I was dizzy because of lack of sleep and stress at work, but then I realized it's not me but it's an earthquake. The funny thing is, at the same time a friend of mine from my home town was drunk and thought it's because he was drink that's why he walks like a drunk person, and even tweeted about it few seconds after the earthquake stopped.

I was worried that day that my eyes were still so wide and my brain is attentive on what's going on in my surroundings - like our curtains are shaking or my 5 dogs are looking at me with their scared face.

Almost everyone here in the country are starting to get panic every time there's an earthquake. Who wouldn't be right? Especially after seeing what happened to Japan?

So I decided to share this infographic here in Exotic Philippines on how to survive an earthquake with some safety tips. I've heard earthquake is kind of natural already in the California area but here in the Philippines it's not - that's why most people here freak out!

How do You Survive an Earthquake

As you can see at the end of this infographic above, the Philippines is included as one of the countries that are dangerous regions with earthquake risk, but then I do hope that this infographic on earthquake survival and safety tips was able to help you and gave you some knowledge that you could make use of when there's an earthquake.

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