Tips When Eating Out with the Little Monsters

I know that travelling with your kids, just the thought of it makes you get so tired. You have to feed them, dress them, guide them, hold them, make sure they’re safe, and the hardest one I think is keeping them entertained or else someone’s going to be pissed off (that is either you, or the kid). 

But then, I would say it’s pretty fun too, you get to show them what they've never seen before.  You get to let them explore the world, the Mother Nature which is pretty awesome and a great memory to keep.

Since its summer here and I bet you want to grab the opportunity to spend some time to your family. Summer is the great time to use to create that great moment of you and your family’s life. Especially to your kids, they get to have an experience and time of their life that they can bring with them as they grow up. 
So, here are some tips for you that hopefully you’ll be able to make use of, especially to couples or parents that are going to travel with their kids.
My two crazy OLDer sisters.


The kids (especially the little ones) do not have that much patient. Most of them are not willing to wait for their turn, and possibly what will happen when you go out or travel and eat with them is that they go wild and crying.

So why not eat at restaurant, when there are less people on that hour. It doesn’t the place needs to be not famous, because there will be less people. You can go to your favorite restaurant but in a time where they’re not that busy yet. Where they could take care of you and your family entertained and takes care of your orders right away.

My brother usually does this, we left early at the house and probably around 11 or sometimes 10AM we go a restaurant and eat. We get to eat early, no other people, it’s not that hot yet (because there are no other customers) and of course our orders are fast. By that, you can finish your food with no hassle, your kids does not have to wait that long and your full!

My little niece, Ella


I would suggest letting your kids have a little snack before you leave the restaurant and travel again. But of course if they’re full, don’t force them.
But you can bring some snacks with you that you can have from the restaurant. 

Something they could eat while travelling. But surely, if they’re full they end up sleeping on the car after that (just like my nieces). And if they’re full, really really full then they get hungry easily. Probably by the time they wake up they’re hungry again. There’s an explanation to that but its’ too scientific for me, guess I have to interview my sister for that.

Me, my niece Ella and Mama


This is basing to my personal experience. Well, that is way back years ago when my family and I are on our way to Hong Kong, we were on board at Cathay Pacific. The plane is flying, I’m excited because just right on my window are clouds, I’m FAT AND FLYING! But of course it’s about 3-5 hours travel, it’s kind of boring after few minutes of staring at the clouds with a big smile on my face.

Good thing (that time) Cathay Pacific gives toys to children like me (I was 10 years old back then). There’s this puzzles, pieces of squares, mind games and lots of toys in the bag. What’s really cool is that IT’S MINE! I don’t have to return it to them.

My siblings enjoyed the magazines and music (since they’re teenagers that time) and of course my brother enjoyed the pretty and sexy stewards on board. My Mom and Dad enjoyed watching us, they’re relaxed and sleeping while I’m having a hard time to solve the puzzle. I didn’t even noticed that we could see Hong Kong few hours after, the pilot announces that to look out to our window and welcomed us.

So relating to eating out, why not choose a family friendly place? There are also restaurants that are like this or even fast foods like Jollibee and McDonalds. They have their Kiddie Meal and playground within the restaurant, and if you’re lucky you get to meet their mascots too!! (But most kids run away from the mascots and cry, they freak out who’s that large thing walking around).

Even if your plan to eat on hours that are not busy, or there’s too many people inside and probably you’ll get your order longer, no worries your kids are willing to wait! Well, unless they’re hungry.


I like this one! Starting to train your kids on what to eat, and guide them is pretty cool. Though it’s totally simple, it could be a start of their training ground. Why? They get to decide for themselves, if they asked for something they couldn’t eat all then you could start letting them know that to take just what they need and what you can afford.

Also, more likely (just like my nieces) they’re going to eat what they ordered. Though I’ve ordered a vain that is more delicious than what they’ve ordered, they look at me while they’re eating their food. But I do share it with them (sometimes… LOL. Just kidding! Who could resist those eyes?).

The Kids Cleaning Up


It is expected that kids, especially babies spilled out something like the drinks, ketchup or throw foods on the floor.

Though here in the Philippines, there are staff’s that will clean up your table after you eat it’s a great example for them and to show them that they must keep everything clean. So why not pick up the food that are thrown on the floor and (eat it… just kidding!) separate it where you could gather all the foods are already dirty. Don’t forget to keep it away from the babies, you may end up cleaning up again.

With that, surely the next time you go and visit that restaurant the staff will love you to have you on their place. They know you’re a good parent, you discipline your kids and that you’re a great customer.

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