Philippine Hot Weather Wear Tips, Pinoy Style!

It’s now summer here in the Philippines, and it also means it’s totally hot that you’ll feel like you’re like a steamed pork when you’re outside. 

I’ve been living here in the Philippines ever since the beginning, and I can’t imagine what the foreigners will feel if they come here.

By February the temperature usually start to become hot, and if you remember I was at Crimson Resort and Spa that time and met this grandma from Australia. We were in the locker and she asked me what was the temperature that time, she’s starting to turn red and she went inside to cool down.

Sadly, I don’t practice in monitoring the temperature because we usually used with it. Most of us only see it the news, so we just guessing that it’s hot or it’s cold. We don’t have any gadget we have with us because we’re used with this kind of weather. So I just told grandma that I’m not sure with the exact temperature but I’m sure it’s hot.

Well, anyway as for people who are planning to come to the Philippines and especially if you’re planning to come here around March to May, I’ll be sharing with everyone some tips so that you could lessen the heat and get to enjoy your vacation.



You may have seen this on other countries or your friend may have one of this. We use this to give ourselves some air, so that it wouldn’t be too hot anymore.  How to use it? Just let the tip face your face, or the area you want to have a cooler air.

Pamaypay (Read as: PA-MAY-PAY) usually cost around 25 pesos that is about less than a dollar. There are some that shape like a heart or spades but usually it’s the same with the picture. There are also more expensive ones, because the quality is much more better and of course, better air for you since it can give you stronger air.

 What’s great about it is that you can carry it with you anywhere, it can go with your own fashion style and color. The downside of it is that you need to do it, it’s tiring but you can stop and go and stop. No batteries need! (LOL)


I usually dress up like this since I’m (let’s just) chubby. Fitting clothes is not ideal for me. Most of my shirts at home are usually white and not too thick.
So wear loose shirts or dress, to give the air some space to flow inside as you move. Chose fabrics that wouldn’t be too hot, so yes please don’t wear leathered pants or jacket. You’ll be toasted! Light colors are also advisable, that’s why white fabrics or light colors is great.

If you’re comfortable with shorts, then go! People wouldn’t mind and would understand if you do. Just don’t wear shorts that are too short. Just short enough to let your skin breathe and that you’re comfortable with.
My Dad love wearing his old clothes that have holes everywhere. I do wear it too, but not as often as my Dad.


When I was a kid, I love wearing shoes and socks. I don’t like going somewhere and just wearing slippers.

But ever since I transferred here in Cebu, and if only I could just walk around without shoes or slippers then I would. But that would burn my feet anyway so I go for slippers or sandals.

Don’t wear sandals with heals, since probably you’ll go to a province or walk on the road where it’s not or not well cemented. Choose a sandal that you’re comfortable with, also a type that you could rely that would last long and would survive to extreme walk or adventure.

There are also sandals that would be hot when exposed to heat, I’m not sure what type of sandals they are or what materials are used.

Water, sunglasses and sun protection lotion or cream are a must bring too. Make sure the lotion or cream has SPF so that the tropical sun won’t hurt your precious skin too much.

So adding up everything, you’ll look like the person below:

Just kidding, this is just the funny side but honestly you’ll find a lot of Filipino wearing like this but not on public places. They just wear this when they stay at home, just like my Dad.

Got it? Hope so! So come over here in the Philippines and join us as we enjoy our summer and the heat under the tropical sun!

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