A Day at CRIMSON Resort and Spa Mactan Cebu

Last month, I your Exotic Philippines blogger Gay Aida Dumaguing, got a chance to visit one of the known resorts here in Mactan, Cebu Philippines the Crimson Resort and Spa, on with my good friend Love Faith (a.k.a. Lalai).

I wasn’t able to see their rooms and experience a night at the resort, since we were just there for day use only. But all in all, we had a great time! So I won’t be able to give you a review on how’s their bed, their all day service, room service, etc. but just the facilities that I was able to ENJOY at Crimson Resort Mactan.

I was so excited to come over to this place. I’ve heard a lot of this place and I was totally envy to my friends who are able to visit this resort last year. They’re posting pictures, sharing their experience and it makes me get itchy to come and get to experience it too!


Crimson Cebu is a 5 star hotel located at Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. It is around 15 minutes away from the Airport and around an hour away from Cebu City. They have 40 private bungalows, 250 residential suites and with great landscapes.

I love the design in their resort, their style and for me it’s not totally classy but it’s very much comfortable.


They have a pool for kids, which I think is just around 4 feet deep, very ideal kids. That you could just let them swim there without worrying, because they also have a life guards on their pool to watch their children.

Beside it they also have the pool for adults. Back then, I was really attracted to their pool because of its unique design.

My friend Lalai and I didn’t get to swim to the pool because they don’t let you swim on the pool if you’re not wearing the proper attire. It’s not necessary for you to wear a bikini, but just don’t wear cotton clothes. I wore a surfing shorts and by shirt is 100% cotton shirt, though it’s white (like some resorts let me swim as long as it’s all white) they did not let us swim.


Crimson Cebu have Jet Skis, kayaking, banana boat ride, and parasailing. I really want to try these rides but it’s quite expensive for me. So we were just looking at the foreigners trying out the rides. Yes, it’s not included for the day use package, you must pay for the water sports ride if you want to try it out.

If it’s your first time and you want to try out these rides, their staff can go with you and teach you how to drive the Jet Ski. Their staff and life guards are multi-lingual, they speak English, Korean, and some even knows Japanese.


Yes, we are there for day use only and we also get the access to their gym. I get to see their gym since it’s just near the locker room, and as I can see a lot of foreigners were working out there and I can tell they have some great equipment in their gym.


As for your kids, they also have a playground. The resort have someone playhouse too which is just in the playground. If you want to relax you can leave your kids there for they have some staff that could take good care of your kids. They have story telling and playtime.


Crimson Cebu also offer island hopping package, I haven’t experienced it but we saw foreigners getting off the boat, it looks like they've enjoyed it.


For day users you get a locker. So no worries, you can leave your things in your locker. Just bring an ID with you, because the staff will ask an ID in exchange for the key(s).

The male and female lockers are separate. In the locker room, there they have their clean comfort room, shower room (hot and cold), hair blower, mirrors, and sink. They have very clean comfort rooms, which is I’m very satisfied.


I made this the last discussion because it’s my favorite part. Yes, you get to EAT ALL YOU CAN for your day use. I ate all I can that I can’t eat the ice cream anymore. They have different choices of food, mostly international foods, they have fruits and desserts and ICE CREAM!

That day I ate some sea food, barbeque, spaghetti, mango cheesecake, choco..(something, forgot  the name), and I don’t remember the rest. I’m so full that day that it’s hard for me to breath!


Their beach is totally fine. I didn't get to enjoy it because the waves are too strong. But I'm guessing it's a great spot to swim and witness the view under water. I think that's why they offer snorkeling, because of the great view under water and the foreigners seems to enjoy swimming on their beach.


What I like about Crimson Resort and Spa restaurant is that they have a VERY ACCOMMODATING staff. I forgot the name of the lady, she was really taking care of us. Though you can just go to the buffet and grab the food that you want, she’s willing to prepare it for you so that you could sit down. The confirmation of our booking was a bit long, but note it’s not their fault but their staff are apologizing because it’s taking so long and we were there around 11AM and it’s already 12NN and we’re not confirmed yet. It’s not their fault because the name that was booked was not us, but my friend’s friend.

It’s not just us who liked their staff, the foreign kids who ate there even gave each of the ladies a flower hugging and saying thank you to them. I’m guessing it’s their last day there.


I was really amazed by their life guards, they speak Korean, Japanese, English and I don’t know else they can speak but speaking 3 languages and our dialect is totally amazing.

Another thing is that, again they are so accommodating. They entertain us, they voluntarily say they’ll take our pictures, so that we can pose and we’ll have photos together, they even insist (though I’m so scared) to cross the floating platform and feed the fish. I don’t want to swim the sea because it seems to be so deep already at that area, so they took their initiative to grab some life jackets and let us use it.

Crimson Resort and Spa for DAY USE Rating

I give Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan Cebu 5 star ratings because I was totally satisfied with their services and their resort. I can’t say anything bad about their services, it’s just that I have a great fun that day, thanks to them!

To know why I enjoyed the Crimson Resort and Spa, watch the video below that I made. The videos are very (very) low quality, because I just took it from my phone.


Weekdays Rate: 1,500 Php
Weekends Rate: 1,800 Php

Includes: Lunch, access to gym, pool, and beach. I think there are more areas that you can access, I forgot. But if you know what other facilities that you can access for day use, kindly please leave it as a comment below.

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Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan Cebu Photos

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