Tips When Going to Crimson Resort Mactan

Last week I shared with you my experience, review and ratings for Crimson Resort and Spa when I was able to get to visit and enjoy this known resort.

So as one of the topics here in Exotic Philippines, I would like to share with everyone my tips if you’re planning to visit Crimson Resort Mactan one of these days.

Bring Your ID

The staff that is in charge for assigning you the locker will ask for your ID in exchange of the key. If you’re a group, let at least one of you bring their ID.

You don’t need to bring a towel

I’m a kind of person who wants to be prepared, that day I brought my own towel with me. So if you don’t want to bring too much for a day use, don’t bring a towel. The resort has a towel for you.

Be there before 12NN 

Because it’s 12NN when you can start eating at their restaurant. Actually, at that time we can already eat when it was around 11AM (the staff insisted that we can start eating) but we waited for the confirmation of the booking.

Eat, EAT, EAT! 

If you can go there with an empty stomach, do it! They have lots of choices of foods and desserts there. You can eat healthy too because they have vegetable salads and fruits. Don’t forget to leave a space for the ice cream!!!

Just water, coffee and tea

The package for day use does not include soft drinks. So your options are just coffee, tea or water but if you want some soft drinks you can but you have to pay for it.

Bring a swim wear!

If you want to dive in to their swimming pool, better bring your swim wear. The important thing is it’s not cotton.

Borrow a car if you can

We went there by taxi, so when we leave there it must be by taxi too. The Crimson Resort Mactan staff can call a taxi for you, but you have to pay an additional of 50Php else, you can also use the resort service car but it’s very expensive, I think it’s around 100+ more expensive. But what happened that day is that a taxi came with the resort customer, and we replace them. So we didn’t get to pay an additional 50Php.

Bring your water proof camera!

It would be totally cool if I have a water proof camera, I could have taken some great underwater shots of the fishes I saw. So if you have one, don’t forget to bring it with you!

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Have you already visited this resort? Why not share your experience with us and if you’ve got some more tips leave it as a comment below!

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