Plantation Bay Resort and Spa – Hotel & Wedding Review: Part 2

I am not always there in the process of getting the wedding reception be booked and finalize. So I can’t really give you full details, requirements or whatever you should know when you want to have your wedding reception at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

So yes, it’s not my wedding but I was one of the witnesses of the wedding and I get to witness also the resort’s service on that day. So the review I’ll be sharing with everyone is about the day of the wedding review and provide the details on what I have experienced with the resort on the wedding day of my sister.


I’m rating their service 3 stars because there are 2 things that I know and experienced on that day that I was discouraged about.

At the part 1 of this review I have shared with everyone that I got discouraged that no one was answering their room service line. I called around 10 times and I think it was the 10th or something that ALAS! Someone answered the phone. I called their room service asking for some drinks for the girls and 3 bottles of water to bring with us. It was hot that time and the other girls I’m with are not used with the hot temperature.

Yes, someone answered the call but I think it’s more than 30 minutes when the drinks and the water arrived. The other girls are gone already and went first to the church, they’re the one who ordered the drinks and who’s going to drink it now?

Another thing is, the wedding is scheduled to start around 3PM at Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in General Maxilom, Cebu Philippines which is about an hour of travel from the resort. My sister already included the traffic and number of hours on that one hour budget of going to the church. So when they booked the wedding reception at the resort they already informed a certain person (I won’t name who) that they’ll need the mini shuttle of the resort to pick the bride (my sister) at her room around 2PM.
alas! you guys arrived!

What happened on that day was it was already 2:30 something, we were not picked up yet. I was with the bride because I was her “Maid of Honor” so I must assist her in getting into the bridal car and so on.

Yeah, I called their room service hot line but remember no one is answering it? I called 3 times (at least) and someone answered the phone and told them “where’s the shuttle to pick us up?” don’t tell me they want to make the bride walk to the lobby?

When the shuttle arrived the driver apologized (at least he did apologized in behalf of the resort) and said they were not informed that they’ll be picking up someone around that time. So yeah, the person who was in charge on managing the resort staff did not inform her staff.

by the time we arrived from the church
To make the long story short, we were late for an hour at the wedding and people got worried thinking my sister may have been a runaway bride (LOL). This is why I’m giving the service rating just three and a half because being on time for me is a MUST, so I deducted 1 star for it. The first half of the star, well I understand that part that their room service can be late but for almost 30 minutes late? You should’ve made your resort smaller then. The next half is because no one is answering their room service, what if I’m calling for emergency?

But anyway, on the reception I think everything was just fine. Their waiters do entertain our needs, inquiries and wants which is great.


oopps! the camera got me! it's pasta baby, dig in!

I don’t blame Plantation Bay Resort and Spa on this because I’m not really a fan of Italian food. I love sweet and their food is just, errrr… not my thing. I guess that’s just the Filipino side of me, love your own!

But we enjoyed the Cocktail before we have our dinner buffet.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think their packages vary from what restaurant that you want to cater your wedding reception. They have 4 restaurants in the resort and you get to choose among them and the price will just vary on what restaurant you’ll choose, ‘coz of course the other restaurant food ingredients can be way expensive than the other.

I’m rating it 4 stars because I can’t appreciate it much and the 4 stars are from our new found extended family from Australia. They love the Palermo Restaurant dishes and even on their last night at the resort we ate there.


I love the nature and this is why I'm rating it 5 stars! That’s why I totally appreciate the resort and I think that’s why there are a lot foreigners want to stay here because they’ll get to taste something like a Philippines tourist attractions.
Galapagos Area
If you love beach and you dream of having a beach wedding, then go for this! It's not advisable though for my high pointed heels. That's why I took it off and just walk around the reception barefooted!

As far as I know there are 10 locations inside the resort that you can choose from.  My sister chose the Galapagos area, which is a beach seafront location. We have our Cocktail in the seaside which is an awesome view especially that we have our fireworks after the reception.
Galapagos Beachfront
On that day, there are actually another wedding held, I think it was in the Peninsula area which is like in the middle of the seawater pool. It has I think an amazing view too!

So, all in all I would like to rate the whole wedding reception service for Plantation Bay Cebu:

I rated it 4 stars the whole wedding reception since the reception ended well and we all enjoyed the night and we all have fun.

I think that is the most important things that you want and need to find out when you want to have your wedding somewhere, right? Let me know if you want to know something, feel free to comment down below and I’ll try to answer it. 

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