Plantation Bay Resort and Spa – Hotel & Wedding Review: Part 1

On my older sister Fritzie got married and had their wedding reception at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. My mom and I with our relative get to stay there too after the wedding, and this is why I get to give you guys a review on this well-known resort here in Cebu.
It was my first time there in the resort, I never been there even though it’s just about 30 minutes away from my place. Yes, even for day use I never thought of going there since its way expensive compared to other resorts but I guess it would be worth it to try it out. But anyway, here’s my review on the hotel.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Mactan Cebu is an 11.4 hectares resort that is located in Marigondon, Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. In their website they’re saying that it is 30 minutes away from Cebu City that would be true if you’re going to travel to the city early in the morning where there would be no cars and no traffic. But if you’re thinking of travelling to the city of the south around 7AM to 8PM, it would take more or less than an hour for you to get to the city. But I think it’s just around 30 minutes away from the Mactan airport.

Aqua Rides

As you can see above there are few people that are kayaking in the pool. That pool actually has the sea water so you’ll also feel that it seems you’re kayaking in the open sea. You can also swim there which is what I do but didn’t go far from our room, I’m not that tall and I am not a good swimmer so better be safe. But anyway, I stayed with my 2 nieces AJ and Kyle who also enjoyed this sea water pool. You can use the kayak for free, which is I did not try out.

They said there are also jet skis, water skiing, parasailing and banana boats but I did not get to see or try it out.

Pool, Beach and Slides
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa have 88 meters long open sea beach front that is clear and clean. They also have 4 large swimming pools where they use sea water. Their pools are so large that almost all of their rooms have a view of the big pool and you’ll be able to breathe the ocean breeze. Though they have large pools, they also have pools for your kids that they could totally enjoy.

My three nieces AJ, Kyle and Ella have also enjoyed their slides. They love the sands in the pool and the beach too. They even swim into the beach with their gowns on. I did swim into their sea water pool but I did not enjoyed it much because it’s salty (of course) and it seems that it needs to be clean, so I guess they haven’t cleaned it yet that time. So I was kind of scared if something will crawl into my body and start drowning me, yeah I’ve got that kind of imagination. That’s why I love pools because there’s no sea weed and anything that will crawl or bite you.

Gym and Game Room

I know you want to remain fit and healthy while your relaxing and pampering days, luckily Plantation Bay Cebu got their own gym for you. Their gym is not really big but they have great quality of equipments. If you love to run then why not just run around the resort, enjoy the scenic view and the fresh air. If you love to bike they have bicycles for you too to ride on.

Just right beside the gym is the game room where there are billiard tables, foosball, computer games and air hockey. So in case you get bored with the pool and the beach, you could also enjoy these facilities. My nieces enjoyed this too but they love the water more, so there’s nothing much I could say about this.

Children’s Activities

Fish feeding
Not all kids love water or wants to sweet all day, well except for my nieces. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa also has activities for kids like fish feeding and fishing. You could also leave your kids at their playroom and let them enjoy and play, the staff in the Children’s center could entertain and you could enjoy your stay. They also have scheduled activities for face and t-shirt painting and lots more activities for them to enjoy.

I was not able to get pictures of these activities because my three nieces with my sister ride on the horse and left me on the lobby. But still the kids enjoyed the activities a lot that they got angry and cried when we told them that we’re leaving.


You can ride a taxi to Plantation Bay Cebu but private or public transportation are only allowed at the front of the resort. Maybe you’re worried on how to get on your room when the resort is so big and it would take you a long walk to get there. No worries, they have their own shuttle service that goes around the resort 24/7. On weekends you could enjoy a ride on their horses just like these ladies in the photo below.

Restaurants and Entertainment

Another great thing about Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is that they have four (4) great restaurants inside the resort. You don’t have to go outside the resort to taste the international food of your choice. They have Palermo, Fiji, Kilimanjaro, and Savannah Grill.

I’ve tried Palermo and their pasta is okay but to tell you the truth the foods inside the resort are expensive (as expected). But if you have time and not so tired to go outside the resort, I would suggest that you go out and experience Cebu too. The Ayala and SM malls have different restaurants that offer you different foods and in much cheaper price compared to the resort. There are also other restaurants that are near the resort and there’s Gaisano Grand Mall near there too which is about I think 10 minutes away from the resort that also have restaurants and a grocery store.

Also, every night the resort has this entertainment in their open dinner buffet.  Our extended family from Australia who also was with us has enjoyed their entertainment in their open dinner buffet, every night they change their type of entertainment but that night they have the Rockin’ USA dinner. They also have Sahara nights, Filipino Fiesta, Hawaiian Luau and Brazilian Fever. Oh yes, they have the international entertainment too!


The resort also have doctors on call and nurses on the resort, they’re also just about 10 to 15 minutes away from the Mactan Doctors Hospital where just in case of emergency, they could rush you there.

They also have an ATM machine in the lobby area that you could use. If you need to do something over the internet they have a free WIFI access for everyone, and if you don’t have your computer with you they have computers on the resort that you could use but it’s not free of course.

To find out more about the resort you can click on the button below to find out more about the hotel, don’t worry it won’t book you right away, it would just take you to the page of the Exotic Philippines Hotel Reservation page where you could know more information about the hotel and be able to compare hotel booking prices right away.

On Friday, watch out for the next part review on Plantation Bay Resort and Spa where I’ll be giving a review on their wedding reception service. So it would be totally a great information for couples who are planning to get married here in the Philippines and having this resort as one of their choices.

My overall rating for Plantation Bay Resort and Spa on their resort and hotel service is:

I give them 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. There are only two things that made me get discourage, as a resort you must keep everything clean, but the pool I was is not that clean. Another is that there are times that no one is answering their room service, I've called their phone for about 5 times and no one answered my call. I tried again for 30 minutes and ALAS! someone answered. I called because I need a mineral water and coke for us.

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Resort Name: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
Location: Marigondon, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Official Website:

Resort Reviewed by: Gay Aida Dumaguing

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