Exotic Philippines November Feature Updates

Few months ago I have shared with you guys about my plans on the blog but sadly I got so busy and loaded up with things needs to be done, so I wasn't able to do it.

These past few weeks I wasn’t able to post anything on the blog. Last week I only have one post, so I made myself busy with work and adding the new features on the blog. Yes, I added some new features that you might not have noticed yet.

Today, I’m going to tell you guys what things I have done for the blog. features that you may enjoy here in the Exotic Philippines blog.

I think I have already announced this few weeks ago when it was Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight. I was able to give you a live streaming of the fight, sadly that time I was on and off because my laptop is making fun out of me. It just suddenly shut down, over heat I guess.

Yes, there’s already a live streaming page for everyone. I’ve added this new feature on the blog so that you could be able to watch TV channels that are in the Philippines, live. I only have few links for now, if you want to get some live streaming on other channels, just leave a comment below and I’ll try to see what I can do.

Another great news about this is that, if there is (or will be) another fight of Manny or any event that you might want to watch, I’ll put a live streaming there. So live streaming won’t be on the posts already, but will be on the live streaming page.

Actually I already have launched this last week (I think) but haven’t officially announced it till now since my affiliate did not approved me yet.

You can book flights right on Exotic Philippines!

To search for flights on you just have to choose the airport where you will depart and your arrival airport, which is pretty much the same with other websites. Type in the dates of your trip then if you want to go for return or one way search and then click on the Search button, The Exotic Philippines Flight Booking Engine then will start searching over 660 airlines from all over the world in order to find you the best deal around. 

Yes, it’s not only limited to the Philippines, you can actually book flights wherever you want to travel around the world.

So if you’re going somewhere else than Philippines, it will also be totally awesome that you’ll book your trip with us. Don’t forget that we also have a hotel reservation, it will totally go perfectly with your vacation!

This is one of the features in the blog that I have told you about, the feature that I planned few months ago and I just have it implemented now. It’s not yet under the domain in Exotic Philippines but if you’ll love the forum and there’ll be a number of people will register and would love to keep it, and then I’ll go for it. I want to see if you guys would love to keep this since I have to pay some fees for it.

Right now these are the current implemented features here in the blog and I hope you guys would love these stuffs. It would be totally great if you would use the Exotic Philippines Hotel Reservation and Flight booking for any of your holiday plan. It would help me keep on blogging and running the blog!


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