October PETS!

Some of you may already have an idea that I’m an animal lover. I have 5 dogs at the moment and before we used to have around 17 dogs.

This month there was an event here in Cebu Philippines where anyone and everyone is invited to join and bring their pets, for it is OCTOBER PETS!

I was planning to bring mine, but bringing 5 dogs are just too many for me especially I don’t have a car and there are just a few taxis who would agree to let dogs ride their taxi. Not to mention that my other dog Kiara has a movement sickness, so even it’s just 5 minutes travel, she’ll really vomit.

So on that day I decided not to bring any of my pets but I’ll bring my three nieces with me so that they could appreciate and would love animals too. Along with my three nieces, we were with my mom, my sister and her fiancé.

We arrived their late in the afternoon and when we were at the gate, my nieces are already amazed by different breeds of dogs. They have their smiles all over their face. My sister’s fiancé who’s an Australian is totally amazed and happy to see these healthy and well-taken care dogs here in the Philippines. He said he thought that there are only a few number of pet owners who are taking great care of their dogs, usually he see dogs on the street, so thin, hairless, sick and looks like it’s going to die soon.

What’s great about these pets are that they’re socialized so you can actually touch them, and owners let you pet them. Because of their dog walk, socialization with other pet owners these dogs became friends and socialized with other people too. Most of them are well mannered and very handsome and beautiful dogs.

If you noticed that there are some tents over there, those are actually booths of dog breed groups, animal groups and organizations. There are also pet stores who show their pets and Crocolandia is also there with their big albino snake.

It was so much fun that I can’t get over it for days. I kept on looking for pictures and talk about it in forums. So anyway, just to let you have a look of what we saw there here are some of the photos that I know you would all enjoy.

I asked the owners of these photos for letting me use it for this blog post and they are H.I.T.S.U.R.ADyson Virtudez , Carlo Montoya and Ian Aquino. Thank you guys for letting me use your great photos!

There are actually a lot of homeless dogs here in the Philippines, thanks to the animal rescue organizations like Island Rescue Organization (IRO) there are going to be a lot of animals that needs our help will get attention. IRO is the first animal rescue organization here in Cebu and would totally love your help and support. If you want to find out more about the organization, just visit their website http://islandrescue.org/.

I would like to congratulate all pet owners in this event and of course the event organizers! A lot of people are looking forward for more of your great events such as like this. Keep it up!

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