Lined Up for Krispy Kreme

My friend Grace with her Krispy Kreme
Have you heard of this famous doughnut called Krispy Kreme?  I’ve heard of this since I think last year and never got to taste it.

When my friends have gone to Manila few months ago, they grab more or less than 10 dozens of this doughnut to bring here in Cebu Philippines for their family. I’ve also read from forums about this doughnut and a lot of them are talking about it. Others made a business out of it, they get orders from people here in Cebu who wants to order the doughnuts and will then travel to Manila to buy the doughnuts themselves.

I was even tempted to go to Manila myself or have some orders through these people just to taste this most talked about doughnut of the year. Yes, they only have stores in Luzon area but that was weeks ago.

October 22, 2011 Krispy Kreme opened their 25th outlet here in the Philippines at Ayala Center Cebu and Asia Town IT Park where lots of people have lined up early to taste their so talked about doughnut. They’re also all lined up as early as they can because of the ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF KRISPY KREME to whoever the first customer is. Their first customer will get Original Glazed Doughnuts and Signature Coffee prize certificate (One dozen and seven cups per week) and other’s will try their luck to be at least the 100th customer for their will still be prizes waiting for them.
My friend Bram from the band SIRENS.
Happy to have his Krispy Kreme

I was actually there around 12 noon that day and I saw that there are a lot of people lined up. My older sister told me to buy her a dozen for she haven’t also tasted it yet, but I decided that I’ll buy it when I’m on my way home since it’s going to be dark that time and I’m thinking there would be less customers for them that time around.

It was then 8pm that same day and people are still lined up and the line is more longer than when I came. Their staffs are running around to get more stocks of doughnuts for their customers. So I decided not to buy that day and wait for next week. I told myself “For sure, next week there will no more lines!

TWO (2) weeks after the opening and people are still lining up just to have a bite of this doughnut. The good news is few days after that my niece’s uncle Eric, have bought a dozen of the Krispy Kreme doughnut. I get to taste the doughnut and I don’t know what the name is but it’s a doughnut with chocolate toppings on top. It’s so sweet that I think I’ll be diabetic after I finish eating ONE of those. For people who have sweet tooth, they’ll love this. But for people like me who get tonsillitis right away, if you want to taste this then make sure you buy some antibiotics too.

So let me ask you, have you also taste their doughnut? Any flavour or type of doughnut you can suggest to me and everyone else here in ExoticPhilippinesShare to us your experience, opinion and some details on this doughnut…. 

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