All Time Favourite Filipino Food Snack: SWEET BANANAcue

When I was younger I’m a bit confused between BANANAcue and BARBEcue. Both starts with letter B and ends with the word CUE and it’s totally confusing for me.

So I’m not sure if you’re confused to but to clear it up, I want to share to you guys the Filipino ALL TIME favourite snack, the bananacue!

During my High School years I usually have bananacue which is 3 pesos (that time) and a glass of juice for only 2 pesos for my snack. Though my mom gave me more than that budget for my snack I usually have this for a snack because it’s sweet, I’m surely be full and it’s cheap.

Bananacue is a sugar coated banana. Not all bananas can be cooked for bananacue but there is a certain kind of banana that we cook so that we’ll have a bananacue.

As you can see in the image above, the banana is actually being fried, mixed with lots of sugar in a hot pan of oil. When you cook it you must mix it every now and then so that all sides of the bananas will have sugar all over it. We usually use brown sugar not the white one, that’s why it has a brownish sugar all over it.

Cooking bananacue is actually pretty simple but I never tried cooking it myself. I’ve seen people cooking it but I’ve never done it actually. But it looks pretty simple but surely it would be totally a hot job.

There are some people like my sister who loves bananacues that are really soft, I think those are bananas that are really ripe already. While I like bananacues that not too hard and not so soft.

If your kids love bananas then they will surely love this bananacue, there’s also another version we have that instead of banana we use the sweet potato, and we call it kamotecue (kamote – sweet potato). My sister love to eat kamotecue than bananacue and I don’t know why, as for me I’m the total opposite but I do eat kamotecue too.

I took this photo when I attended my niece’s UNO day in her school here in Cebu Philippines that I will share with you this Friday. I was waiting for them to finish the whole program that’s why me and my mom grab a snack. Two (2) pieces of banana in one stick is only 7 pesos these days, I only ate 1 stick and my mom 2. So we only spent 21 pesos for our snack excluding the drinks of course.

If you want to try out bananacue you can cook it yourself, there are a lot of video tutorials in YouTube already. But if you want to have it from me, I can ask my mom for you guys, so just leave me a message if you want to. 

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