Exotic Philippines Made it to the FINALS in the PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS

I was checking out the traffic here in Exotic Philippines today in Google Analytics. Take a look at the traffic sources and BOOM!

“Why did I get lots of traffic from Philippine Blog Awards?”

So I traced it and landed to this page and seeing the first top fold with a post like this:

Please notice the title of the post. You’re reading and I think I’m reading it right.

I was so shocked and scrolled and look for Exotic Philippines and tada!!....

Can you see it? Can you? Oh please tell me that you are seeing what I think I am seeing!

I was like, refreshing the page, checking the dates and have that totally big smile on my face!

To be honest, I am actually the one who submit and nominate my blog but did not expect that I would actually make it on the final lists! I was just purely trying my luck or have that guts to submit my 6 months old blog (that time) in a well-known and respected blog awards here in the Philippines.

Then few minutes later I realize I should share it to my wall in Facebook and tag my closest friends about it. I told my mom and brother about it and they congratulate me, though obviously I did not win but hey I got nominated and made it to the finals!

How does it feel like?
Wow! I think I just won Oscars or something. LOL. Too much eh? Now I know the feeling of those celebrities, singers, actors, successful people in their fields who are getting awards because of their well done role.

So what you’ve got nominated, you did not win!
I honestly did not receive any award before, an award that is a symbol of their recognition of what you do and proving that you’re good at it. Even in my childhood years, I was not an honor student, I was not at the top of the class, especially in High School (haha..) I am totally a nobody in academics and I an average, loud, friendly student in school.

So even I was just a NOMINEE of the Philippine Blog Awards, I totally felt so honored, proud of myself and happy that I am doing something that is at least being recognize by some people. Even though I did not win, I am still happy and satisfied. I know there are things that still needs to be improvise here in the blog and I’m still working on it. So yeah, it’s totally cool!

Why I started this blog?
I don’t travel, I go out the house and go to malls at least I think once a month. So why the hell I choose a travel niche? January of 2011 was the time where we all have heard a lot of negative stuff about the country, from hostage taking, government, corruption, etc. It seems doesn’t have a good name anymore. So then I started this blog, promoting the Philippine’s tourism hoping that it is not just the country itself I’ll be helping out but also the people who wants to visit the country.

As a blog and a blogger belonging to a travel niche, it’s my dream to be able to travel one day. Then share my experience with everyone, make a blog post or a video to show how wonderful this country is. I’m not stopping here, I do still have other future plans for EP and I want to be able to successfully do it soon!

Anyway, hopefully through this blog post I would like to thank the people behind the Philippine Blog Awards and congratulate all the winners and the other bloggers who made it to the final lists here in Visayas!

Here are the winners of the Philippine Blog Awards (Visayas):

Culture and Arts: Tumandok (http://tumandok.wordpress.com/)
Food and Beverage: Flavours of Iloilo (http://flavoursofiloilo.blogspot.com/)
Lifestyle: RandomThoughts! (http://gilcamporazorandomthoughts.blogspot.com/)
Personal: The Young Pinoy Blogger (http://www.aroundtheflexure.com/)
Photoblog: onethirdpoundpatty (http://www.onethirdpoundpatty.com/)
Technology: Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments (http://www.max.limpag.com)
Travel: looney planet (http://www.looneyplanet.net/)

Click here to see original post from PBA

Exotic Philippines is also nominated to other blog awards and looking forward to win something somewhere on the road. I win or not, surely I’ll still continue sharing and blogging here and trying my best!

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