United Nations Organization

Few weeks ago I get to be invited by my niece to attend their UNO day at their school here in Cebu Philippines. Not that they want me to see them dance, in their international costumes but to take some photos.

Yeah, I’m like the official (NEWBIE) photographer in the family and my niece request me for the job though the DSLR is owned by their Papa.

Anyway, about that day.

It was a fun event for me, it reminds me of those years like I was at their age wearing costumes from different countries to celebrate the UNO day. It reminds me of days where we should make a flag out of papers for that day, put it on our classroom walls or bring it to the event. Parents putting make up on our face, fixing our hair and teachers are busy making the event successful.

I’m not sure though if this is also celebrated in your country, the Filipino are actually kind of people what we call “makabayan” which is patriotism/patriotic in English. We value our blood, our family and our race as Filipinos. That is why we also celebrate the UNO to value other countries that are part of the UN.

In this event, usually each classrooms needs to represent a country and should perform a dance or anything from the country that they’re presenting that will entertain people. Just like my niece AJ, where her and her classmates represents Korea have performed a modern dance with a song of a Korean pop group 2EN1. It was definitely cute and fun for the kids and of course the parents!

Now here are some photos I took that I know you would enjoy!

If you celebrate UNO Day in your country, share it with us! We would love to know how you celebrate it and how fun it was…

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