Watching too much…

I don’t want to post this but my good friend Nilo insists that I should because I’ve got that feeling that and inspiration to write this down and post it now here in Exotic Philippines.

I don’t know if I really should share this with you guys but anyway, what to lose right?

The Fierce Wife
It was last week I think that I have watched a Taiwanese Drama online “The Fierce Wife”, it was all about a perfect housewife and her husband has a mistress that is the cousin of the wife. You got that?

Just in case you don’t get it, I’ll share to you guys a summary or what the whole story is about. To start, the wife’s name is An Zhen and she’s the perfect housewife, she’s married to Rui Fan for 10 years and they have a daughter. Suddenly, the cousin of An Zhen, Wei En shows up to their place, she needs a place to stay for a while until she will have a work. And yes, the mistress is the cousin, it’s Wei En.

I finished the whole story for 2 days and I was even watching it till 3AM and I was shouting of anger and crying because of the pain the wife feels and shouting again because of the feeling and seeing that the wife slaps the mistress.

If you have a weak heart then I tell you don’t watch this, you will really get mad to the mistress. If you love to be inspired by the power of a woman, inspired that how much you can change yourself, then you should totally watch this. If you’re a dumbed man, then watch this! (LOL, no offense!)

Kang Hye Na (brat/princess)
 and Seo Dong Chan (butler)
Yesterday I decided to watch the Korean drama “Take Care of the Young Lady” that is all about a girl who is a granddaughter of a rich man. She’s been rich her whole life that she doesn’t appreciate what she have, she’s a great example of what you called a “brat”. Then here’s this poor guy who used to be a gigolo in his past life to pay his debt to gangsters that he owes money to. He borrowed money and became a gigolo for his sick mother that sadly died in the end.

So the connection to both of them is that, this brat and poor guy clashed their ways and the grandfather of the brat decided to hire the poor guy to be the brat’s butler to straighten up the brat. Will the newly hired butler be successful to his mission?

With these two love stories that I have been watching, I felt like I just want to love RIGHT NOW! (before i change my mind) Yeah, I mean it! I felt like I want to feel the way they feel too. I want to have that someone that you can cling in to when you’re totally week, someone who you could call and say that “he’s mine” and the most envious on my part is the kiss. Oh yes! It all ends there! Honestly, I think this is the result of not having someone for years now. Yeah, I used to have someone special but it didn’t have that thing to make things work so I just focus on studies and work for these past few years.

I think this time I need to get that what they so called “love..”, “partner”, “special someone”… but I have to wait patiently and yet I’m so bored and my butt is itching waiting for that guy.

I know it sounds crazy but some of you may have felt this way before when YOU’RE WATCHING TOO MUCH LOVE STORIES… have you? Share it with us! I think I’m going crazy or totally abnormal if I’m just the one experiencing this!

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