Cebu Taoist Temple

If you remember few weeks ago I posted that there are lots of things I haven’t done yet here in Cebu Philippines for 7 years staying here and its great news that I did one of those list!

Remember the time and one week post of my visit in Cebu Zoo? Right after that, my family and I went to the Cebu Taoist Temple. We we’re so tired that time because of the hike that we have in Cebu Zoo, but still we are so into visiting the Taoist Temple.

So anyway, I have been to Hong Kong 14 years ago but we never got to a temple like this when we visited there. There were statues and stuff but we never get to see somewhat like a china town.

There are a lot of stairs in the Cebu Taoist Temple and it’s really tall that if you’re there you’ll see a great view. It’ windy and relaxing but we must all respect the temple, so better behave and be quiet.

Honestly, we did not stayed there long because we feel our legs like it’s going to break down or something but being there and we can say that we’ve been to the Cebu Taoist Temple it’s already okay with us.

I just have few pictures to share with everyone, my camera has no more battery after the Cebu Zoo so I just get to take some few pictures in the temple. It’s not allowed to take pictures inside the temple so all of the pictures you are seeing are photos outside.

I just want to make this post short but straight so here are the photos that I took:

Here's my post of the things that what I have NOT done yet here in Cebu.

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