Garlic vs. Manananggal

@ Parkmall Cebu with Hanged Garlics

Today, I want to scare the hell out of you!

Just kidding!

I was with my sister and my mom in the SM grocery and saw a bunch of garlic hanging. This kind of reminds me of the horror movies here in the Philippines.

Oh yes! We have also monsters here in the Philippines! There is a monster what we call ‘Manananggal’ (ma-na-nang-gal) that resembles a western vampire that has wings like a bat and they are just like vampires who are said that afraid of garlic and salt

A manananggal is described as being a gruesome, creepy vampire-like creature and it always scare the hell out of me. They have a bat like wings and they are flying around with their half body. Oh! Just like the photo on the right side below.

The pregnant women are usually their said to be victims. Women who are in their homes, sleeping and they kill it using an elongated proboscis-like tongue. It sucks the hearts of fetus or the blood sleeping victim.

What elders here in the Philippines says is that in order to kill the manananggal you have to find her other half body, which is in the grounds hiding somewhere and put the salt there. So when she goes back to her body, she’ll feel the salt, the salt is inside her body and will burn her to death!

They also say that, so that these monsters won’t go near you, you must carry some garlic with you. I don’t know how many though, maybe 5 or more, or a hundred. I really don’t know but they say these monsters don’t like the smell of the garlic. So they’ll rather go away from you than try to eat you. That’s why in the Filipino movies there are times where they hang some garlics in their windows, doors, or put around their house and some even put it around their neck so that they won’t be disturbed or be killed while they’re asleep.

But I’m not that really scared of Filipino scary movies, it just freak me out sometimes because of the sudden appearance of ugly faces (LOL). But what scares me most are I think Japanese horror films and it creeps me out! I can’t sleep at night, I can’t go at the dark by myself and it’s totally creepy for almost a month for me. So then I never watch Japanese horror films again.

Anyway, so I hope you get the story or why I’m talking about the garlic vs. the manananggal. I don’t think these creatures really exist but we really don’t know. What do you think? Does this kind of scary creatures really exist? Have you at least seen one, or two, or every day? If you have some creepy REAL stories, you might want to scare the hell out of me some time.

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