Cebu Zoo Visit Part 2: The Animals

Cebu Zoo Visit Part 2: The Animals

Almost all of the animals in Cebu Zoo I saw are totally great for me. I never really have seen some of these animals like this close and get to touch them so it’s really great experience for me. So to share with you guys the great experience, here’s the animals that I have seen up close here in Cebu Philippines Zoo!


As you enter the zoo you will be greeted and allowed to touch a rabbit that is in the entrance desk. The staff can allow you to carry the rabbit but they’ll warn you that you may be scratched by the rabbit and he could be jumping around you. I did not carry the rabbit but I touched it. It’s so cute! Honestly I never touched a rabbit before so this is my first time to touch it. I have seen it a hundred times maybe but never get to touch it.


This has attracted me first because it’s a parrot and I thought it’s the one who’s greeting us but he was just quite.  I am talking about the parrot near the gate but there are other kinds of parrots in the zoo like the Sulphur Cockatoo Bird, Red parrot and the Green Parrot (the parrot near the gate).


Cebu Zoo has the common Philippine Monkey and Black Monkey. I’ve met Mike a common Philippine monkey and shake his hands and hold him. Then he never then wants to let me go. It was so cute that he doesn’t want to let me go but our guide told me to be careful because he like watches, which is I’m wearing one.

The black monkey is also cute too. It’s totally black except for its butt. The monkey is showing off, impressing me and trying to get near me to grab my cam. Yes, this monkey grab cameras so don’t go near too much to this monkey. Here’s a video of the black monkey doing his thing:


Snakes are one of the animals in the world that I’m really afraid of. Who’s not anyway? Right?

I never seen a snake this up close so it’s again first time for me. You’re allowed to touch these Python snakes and Albino Python snake especially at this time because they’re full but at this time we’re not allowed to carry it because they’ve just eaten and they may vomit if I carry them around. I don’t want to touch them but I’m allowed to but I didn’t.

There is also a giant Python snake in a cage and that you’re not allowed to touch. I think. I know I don’t want to so I didn’t mind to ask if I could.

the Philippine Eagle

You’ll be able to meet first the Asian Eagle. You can take pictures with the bird like I just did. I don’t know if it’s a male or female but this bird is really beautiful. It seems like it’s the bird I see in some logos so it’s really great to be able to see this birds in person.

Another eagle is the Philippine Eagle which is also known as the monkey-eating eagle. This eagle is larger than the Asian Eagle and she’s really beautiful too. There are other zoos in the country that allows you to get this eagle land on your own arms which is really awesome but you need some padding so that you won’t get scratches because they really have sharp nails. I want to do that someday!

Saltwater Crocodile

Our guide calls us in and goes down in the place where this crocodile is kept. We’re allowed to touch and take pictures with it but none of us dare to. It’s big and scary who can do that? Though our guide insist that it’s safe to take pictures and touch this 60 years old crocodile, none of the family want to do so. We rather see it that close and be safe.

There are other baby crocodiles but you’re not allowed to touch it because they can bite you though they’re that small.


Cebu Zoo has Gator Fish and Janitor Fish in their pond. I can’t see them clearly but you can see them going around the pond. I didn’t dare to touch the water because I don’t know what I might get my hands to.


We only saw the tiny turtles. Turtles that stay together not scattered around. We were not able to really get close and carry the turtle.

Siberian Tiger

Meet Bogart, the Siberian Tiger.

Again, I never seen a tiger my whole life (except in TV) and I never thought of them this large. I thought they’re same size as the dog. Obviously, I was shock of how large Bogart is and how calm he is around us.

Well of course I reserve my battery and memory of the card reserved for the tiger to take photos and of course videos. Here’s a video I took and I’m really just like about a feet away from Bogart and he’s totally relaxed. So it’s great to be around him.


You may have seen a goat before but hey these goats deserve some attention too. So I took a picture of a goat with me. Smile!


The last time I saw a deer was around 15 years ago at my hometown Bukidnon. They're a protected animals there and a university put a fence around the protected area so no humans would hunt them down. Now this deer is really poor he has his antlers cut. I don't know if it was intended like that but I pity this guy.

Talking Asian Myna

The only bird I know that speaks is a parrot. I didn’t know that these birds exist and that they can speak. These birds are totally funny and great. They’re the one who greeted us when we entered the zoo.
My nieces really have fun having a simple conversation with them and would even want to buy this kind of birds. I forgot the other name of the bird but the one of them is Kiaw (Ki-yaw). What words they speak and how fun it is to talk to them? Watch the video I took of them then…

Check out the next Exotic Philippines post for that is still about our visit in Cebu Zoo.

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