Cebu Zoo Visit Part 3: Information and Details

I hope you guys enjoyed the two (2) previous posts that I have for you about the Cebu Zoo. It was really fun going there and a great family bond and I hope you guys would consider coming there and visiting the zoo!
Now this part 3 post about the Cebu Zoo is about giving you the information and details that you need about the zoo. So here it is:

Location : Wooldbright Drive, Beverly Hills
Landmark: Near the Taoist Temple but more nearer in Boy Scouts of the Philippines Headquarters)

Here’s a map below to show you how to get there but if you’re a tourist you can simply ask the taxi to bring you there. There may be taxi’s that might don’t know the place yet just then tell the location and ask the guard of the Beverly Hills where you guys should go after the gate. The location of the Zoo is where the X mark is.

On your way to the zoo you’ll be able then to see this sign and the zoo is just right there

And you’ll then be able to see this colourful gate of the zoo

Now another thing you must know about the zoo is their Cebu Zoo Rules and here it is

  • Alcoholic beverages and persons under the influence of liquor are not allowed to enter the Zoo.
  • Submit yourself for inspections. Guns and bladed weapons are not allowed inside the premises
  • Do not touch our cages with your fingers.
  • Do not feed the animals and make unnecessary noises.
  • Always throw your waste at the designated garbage bins / trash cans.
  • Ask assistance to our Zoo keepers for picture taking with our animals.
  • Cebu Zoo will not be liable for any accident that may happen.

Another thing you might want to know is the entrance fee and other expenses.

Cebu Zoo is great and the entrance fee is totally affordable.

For kids below 12 years old the entrance fee is only for 10.00 Php (0.24 USD)
For 12 years old and above the entrance fee is only 25.00 Php (0.59 USD).

All in all our visit (with my family) is only 130 Php (3.09 USD) for all 7 of us (4 adults and 3 kids) and that’s it. Well if you want to include the snack we took outside the zoo, that’s I think just around 200 Php I think and don't forget the transportation expenses too. 

So yes, it’s pretty much affordable and the visit is great! So please do consider in visiting the Cebu Zoo and reconnect yourself to Mother Nature.

If you weren’t able to catch up with the previous posts about Cebu Zoo here in Exotic Philippines then here are the first two posts I have written, go on and check it out!

-more about the great experience about the visit and give you some tips what to bring, what should where and of course what to expect.

-videos and pictures that I took when we visit the Cebu Zoo with the details about the animals that you could be able to see in the Zoo.

So what are you waiting for guys?! Come and visit the Cebu Zoo and experience the beauty! If you’re a tourist planning to visit the Philippines you may want to consider visiting the zoo.

Here are some animals that I don't know what so I want to give you guys the photos because I really don't know, if you do maybe you want to share it with us.. That would be totally great!

Here are some other pictures we took at the Cebu Zoo that you might want to see:

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