Cebu Zoo Visit Part 1: The Experience

I have heard that there are Zoo here in Cebu Philippines and honestly never been to any of them.

Luckily on Friday September 2, 2011 my brother made it a surprise to my three nieces AJ, Kyle and Ella.
So my mom and I get to go with them and experience the fun. All three of my nieces love animals so much that they have different kind of pets at home. They’ve got hamsters, birds, a dog and I they’re thinking of a fish too.

Well, anyway my mom and I along with my brother and his family all came to visit Cebu Zoo! Hurray!

Was really fun for me because I have been to Ocean Park Hong Kong before but I never get to be this close to these kinds of animals. It felt like I’m a kid again!

Staffs in Cebu Zoo are great and they’re very accommodating. I don’t know if they do have a tour guide for each group of visitors or it’s just because it was only us that time who visited the Zoo. I forgot the name of our guide but hey he’s really good and he encourages us to touch the animals that are allowed to be touched and really took care of us.

I do suggest that if you come here you’ll be in your most comfortable attire. Not in heels or skirt, especially if you want to see the tiger Bogart. To see him, you have to go down the zoo. It more felt like I’m doing a mountain hiking than going to a zoo actually.

The zoo is great because you’ll be able to experience and reconnect yourself to Mother Nature again but of course there are still things that need to be improvised. What is it? I suggest improvising the stairs because large people (luckily I’m so game with it) would really be hard to go down there. So if you’re obese and don’t want challenge, have some health issues and stuff I suggest that you don’t go down there. Though there are other ways to go down to see the tiger but still it will be a challenge.

So yeah, wear the most comfortable clothes you have (I wore a short and shirt) and sport shoes (I wore a rubber shoes) and bring with you some towels to wipe your sweat and water too. So in short you’ll get a little workout and at the same time a great fun with Mother Nature.

Now, I just realized that I have been living in the Philippines my whole life and I never been to any of the zoo here in the Philippines, not until that day in Cebu Zoo. So it’s really great that I could be able to visit at least one zoo this year!

So I hope you guys would come and visit Cebu Zoo and check out the Zoo and if you want to offer some donations and help I guess they’re open with it.

Check out the next post here in Exotic Philippines and that is still about my visit at Cebu Zoo!

This week will be all about the Cebu Zoo!

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