6 New Blogs Got Spotted!

Okay, today is what we so called “blog day” and with that I want to celebrate the blog day my fellow bloggers who blog about something else, that is errrr.. not in my interest? (I think)

So yeah, I hope through this I could be able to make that bond with these blogs that I chose to feature in Exotic Philippines. I never actually even left a comment on these blogs, because as what I have said it’s not in my area of errr.. thinking? Not in my vocabulary or I am just too dumb about it. (LOL)

I’ll share to you guys the 6 blogs that I’ve spotted that I want to share with you today because… I don’t know. I just really want to. It seems to be they have at least a good content and maybe you guys will be interested with these blogs!

Here’s some list of the blogs that I found online and I don’t know if they’re still new or what but hey, I found them:

Chris Chronicles

I usually hear the name CHRIS as a name of a male, when I visited this blog it’s totally girlish! So I checked out some pages and found it that the one running this blog is actually CHRIStine Amador. So ahuh! That’s why it’s Chris, Chris!

What makes me want to feature this blog on my blog is that the latest post entitled “Sunday Stealing: The August 20 Question Meme” followed by another blog post that is also a series of questions then answered directly by her. There’s no explanation or story or whatever, it was totally direct. I even think of doing that here in EP so that I could be able to share a little more about me here but still thinking about it.

Anyway, I don’t really like reading the blog posts yet because what I usually do is scan the website and see what it offers to me and other people. It’s not just what I do to a blog, but also to magazines, books and other stuff that are all in words. So clearly, I was attracted about the title then it made me want to read at least some few lines of the content and scroll down more and know more about the blog.

Chris Chronicles have made me do this. She was able to get my attention and that’s why her blog is now in EP! Great stuff there Chris! (If ever you’ll read this)

The Alternative Mainstream

When I first visited this blog it kind of remind me of my friend Jonas. He’s using words that are so deep that anytime now I’ll get a nosebleed (His latest post today is “A genius gone awry
“ and that’s what’s giving me nosebleed, AWRY…too deep! Whew!). Well, of course he’s an American and he’s matured so I guess he’s totally used with those words for years or he has that large vocabulary which I don’t have.

In short, The Alternative Mainstream is featured today here in the blog because he’s making me get close to having a nosebleed. Just kidding! But really, he’s featured today because he has topics that sound interesting topics but then I couldn’t totally relate because, obviously I’m not in America.

So I’m sharing this blog because I know that here in EP there are foreign people visiting and somewhat 30% of my visitors are from America. Maybe you want to check this one out guys!

Understanding Wine

I would be lying if I will say I never drank a single drop of wine. But really I'm not supposed to. I take a few drops or a glass maybe but I was not drunk. As far as I remember I think the last time I drank a wine is about 3 years ago.

Anyway, I never get to understand the taste of wine. I don't get it why it have to ...errr.. what's the right word for it? Bitter? Strong? Can it be just sweet!? haha..

Some wines has been in containers (I don't know what exactly you call it, is it barrel?) for years and it comes with that taste? I really don't get it. It's supposed to be delicious and it comes out like it's expired juice.

I think I really need to understand wine. What do you think?

Coffee, Pearls and a View

What amaze me of this blog is that Kero (the blogger) has been writing on this blog since 2007. She’s been gaining good traffic (found out about this through Alexa Ranking) comparing to my traffic (nevermind!).

I am not a girly girl. I’m usually described as a ragged girl. I don’t usually go for skirts (except going to church) and I’m just really simple. Well, except for the times that I want to feel hot even I’m fat.

Anyway, the thing is this blog is into fashion (and I’m not) and stuff. Kero is a happily married woman and a mom which is again I am not!

So I don’t know maybe I’m trying to fill in my I AM NOT thing through her? I just did found out about her blog and her content is really great! So it’s worth it to share to everyone. Let’s see what you can say.

Eat, Drink and Blog

Now this is what I want to do but hearing or even just reading this words makes me feel I’ll be getting fatter every other seconds.

Temptations! I don’t want to read on but definitely if I’m hungry I can go on and read this but right now. No thanks! I don’t want to go out my room right now and look for foods and feed myself.

Anyway, this blog shares about food (a lot of food!). The blogger Raya Alkuino Gregorio is totally right. I’ve been blogging for months now and it seems to be my hobby now. Just to eat, drink and blog! And she’s making me eat more and drink more by scanning the first page of her blog. (It’s driving me insane! Okay, I’m hungry!)

I love foods as what I sometimes share with you guys here but I need to control myself! Need to lose weight…nam..nam…

Healthy @ 40

I’m 24 years old now and I’m obese! Yes I am! I’ve been large ever since I think 10 or something and never felt or experienced again the feeling of being thin and not being teased and stared at.

There’s an about page but I think the whole website is not finished yet because the default content is there. So anyway, let’s just go for the literal blog title. Healthy @ 40.. I’m 24 and he’s 40, he’s healthy and I am!? Gee I found myself guiltier on this part.

I don’t know if you guys know Tosca Reno but she was 45 when she first joins the gym and at the age of 50 she joined a fitness competition. Again, I am 24, Tosca is 50. I feel guiltier of being obese AGAIN!

I’m listing this blog because I really admire those people who could be able to keep up and stay fit and healthy because I know that it really is hard to do that. I’ve been trying it but I always fail. I don’t know if I will attempt to again and I don’t know when. So I really admire people who can be able to do this! Whoever the blog owner of this blog, go for it dude!

Well that ends now my 6 spotted new blogs I guess! I’ll wrap it up because this post is getting longer and I don’t want to bore you to death.

Hope you enjoy this and have some fun!

Happy Blog day everyone!

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