Meet Arjohn Gilbert

I was not watching the news lately and been stock at my computer for weeks because of my work. Since I have to use Facebook during work and my friends sharing videos and links well I found this video and shared it too.
Meet Arjohn Gilbert a 13 years old boy from Pampanga Philippines, a singing sensation in YouTube that hits more than a million views. He’s selling flutes in the street that he made it himself for Php 20.00 to help his parents in feeding the whole family.

There are a lot of people who was amazed by him because he’s a boy with a great talent and selling flutes at the street. Here's a video of him showing his talent to a man who saw and hear him at the street and asked if he could record this kid. Here's what Arjohn have to show:

For me, no offence to all Justin Bieber fans out there but really he’s way much better than that bratt. Look at him, he’s so humble and confident of his talent and he keeps his feet on the ground unlike youor ultimate crush there. Yeah, Justin Bieber is much cuter (obviously) but when we’re talking about talent and attitude this kid have it!

I saw him then again in the show of the famous comedian here in the Philippines, Vice Ganda. Arjohn was a guest to Vice Ganda’s show ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ and get to sing, flute, beat box, rap, dance, do his chipmunks voice and show his talent to the audience.

Here’s the link below where he get to show his talent in the show:

I just love this boy! I just love kids who love their family so much. I’m a family kind of person and people who are trying their best to feed and help their family to be able to survive in their lives, that’s what really touches my heart. And this boy, he touches my heart. He just needs a chance to show his talent all over the world and earn money from his talent.

Now, if you like him too and believe in his talent then I would love everyone to share this post and help this kid out!

I just hope this kid to rise and get a singing career. So with this blog post and other ways to promote and help this kid will be known all over the world and hopefully one day he’ll stop selling flutes and start selling albums.

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