The Aspins and Dogs for Adoption

Almost 1 month old puppy in a cage, need a home

I am an animal lover, a dog lover, a cat lover, a pet lover! I do admit that. I’m guilty of it! And if you’re like me, then you may have a pet right now or planning to have one.

Aspin or ASong PINoy (Filipino Dog) is what we call to the mixed-breed dogs here in the Philippines nowadays. Before I know and call them them as Askal or Asong Kalye (Street Dog) but ever since I have joined Island Rescue Organization (IRO) I have learned and practice myself to call them Aspin.

I have 5 dogs at the moment and they are Chowder, Kiara, Kovu, Sushi and Coco. They’re great and loving dogs and they are lots of other dogs that are as smart and loving as they are in the dog pound and animal shelters who needs home.

When my older sister found out about these homeless dogs, she told me “go and adopt them all” but sadly I can’t. Really, she’s serious, she was talking to me all day telling me that I should adopt the dogs there but I really can’t. If I have a place with a large lawn and I can feed them all, I would not think twice about that.
Feeding the dogs in the dog pound

Last year, I visit the dog pound and was able to meet the dogs who are in need of our love. I brought food with me that made almost all of them tried to impress me to get my attention and feed them. There was one dog that’s jumping around his cage (I think his name was Spike) and he’s doing his best to impress me by catching the bread that I’m fetching him. There’s also a puppy that’s almost a month old that wants and loves to be carried around by me. If I put her down, she’s barking and looking for my smell and crying out for me. The view, the noise, the feeling… it makes me almost cry.

I was with Ian that day, a fellow member of IRO and he was so kind to go with me to the Cebu City dog pound. I still have a place to go after that but I did not think twice to play with the puppies and carry them around. I didn’t mind to smell like a dog after that because it was a great feeling that I could be able to bring joy to these dogs even just for a day.

Since then, I decided to help these Aspin dogs to find and have a place to call HOME. I created a thread in the forum and with my busy schedule I wasn’t able to update it now. But I was happy that there are numbers of people from the forum who did consider and did adopt a dog from the pound.

Some of the dogs here in the Philippines (if you don’t know and mind me saying) end up being cooked in the kitchen. There are people who eat dogs here in the country and there are animal rescue organizations like PAWS and AFK helped and rescue these dogs life. If it weren’t for them, there are hundreds of dogs end up being slaughtered and turned into a dog meat.

Now, through Exotic Philippines blog I would like to reach out to each and every one of you and knock on your hearts and homes to open it for these dogs. They may not be fluffy, pure breed, attractive, good looking but they’re still lovable, loyal and a great friend. I find them really smart too!

You can go to your city pound to see if there’s a dog that is available for adoption. And if you’re in Cebu Philippines and want to adopt a dog, there are lots of options like going to the city pound or choose IRO.

If you’re in Cebu City the Cebu City dog pound is located a few walks away in SM. If you want I can go with you. For Php 150.00 you could be able to have your own dog with registration with FREE leash, vaccine and spay/neuter. Well, that is what I know in Cebu City Dog Pound.

I went again in the Cebu City Dog pound few months ago to get my dog Kiara spayed. For 150 I was able to get Kiara spayed, get a registration, free leash and vaccine. I’m planning to spay Sushi (the daughter of Kiara) too. The Cebu City pound was renovated and each of the dogs has their own cage, and not 1 cage for 2-4 dogs anymore.

Anyway, IRO on the other hand has no animal shelter yet (as far as I know) but we have volunteers that have let and voluntarily made their home to be a temporary shelter for now. Just browse to IRO website or like the Facebook fan page of IRO.

If you want to adopt and get a pet for you and your family, try the following links:


Island Rescue Organization (IRO)

Cebu City Dog Pound


The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Animal Kingdom Foundation

If any of you have other useful links relating to this to share, please feel free to comment down below and post it here. You can use your Facebook account or leaving your name and message.

Please adopt everyone and save a life…. 

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