What have I NOT done in Cebu?

I’ve been living here in Cebu for about 8 years and 3 months now and I tell you there are a 
lot of things I haven’t done yet here in Cebu.

Yes! I was not born or did not grow up here Cebu Philippines. I was born in Malaybalay (now a city) Bukidnon and grow up in the neighbouring city, Valencia City, Bukidnon. We use to come here in Cebu every summer or every end of the semester to have our family vacation, visit my mom’s relatives and my siblings.

In staying for 8 years here in Cebu Philippines there are lots of things I haven’t done yet that maybe some of you did. So today I would like to share to you guys what are these things. This may be a great share because you may want to do this if ever you’ll come here, I don’t want you guys to miss all the fun.
There are tons of things you can do here in Cebu but here are the MUST DO but I DIDN’T do things:

SCUBA DIVING. I’m not scared. I don’t freak out when I see fish (but if it’s a shark or something that would kill me I think I’ll freak out). I just don’t have time AND don’t have the money. It’s quite expensive (for me) but I’m sure that it’s not that expensive to the foreigners.

I would love to do scuba diving one day even not in Cebu!

VISIT ST. NINO BASILICA. If you’re not a catholic like me, you wouldn’t make any interest in coming here. But if you are and you would like to see one of the oldest churches then come over here.

It’s not on my list of to do things, I just don’t have the interest (no offense).

STEP ON SUMILON ISLAND. I’ve never tried island hoping, I’ve never ride a ship or at least a boat to go to other islands (except the Mactan island) so yeah, I’ve never been to other island here. Reason? Because I don’t have someone to drag to come with me and I just can’t afford. This island has a white beach and totally has a great view. Argh! I hate myself knowing I’ve never been here!

But seriously, if you love beaches, if you love Boracay, if you want to be under the sun then try it! Do some island hoping and put the Sumilon Island on your list!

BE ON TOP AT TOPS. The word define itself. TOPS, if you’ll come over to Tops you’ll be totally on top!  Go there at night so you’ll have a great view. It’ quite romantic actually because you’re at the top of the mountain, they say it’s quite cold too and you’ll have a fantastic view.  It can be found in Barangay Malubog, Busay, Cebu City in the Philippines.
It is about 30-40 minutes from the center of Cebu. You will already see the City even if you’re not inside Tops. When you’re inside Tops you can see the wonderful view and the spectacular city lights of Cebu and Mactan.

Entrance fee is only for 100 Php and bring your own food please! They do sell foods there but it’s twice than its actual price.

Going to tops is definitely in my list! How about you?
Crown Regency Sky Adventure

SKY ADVENTURE @ CROWN REGENCY. If you love adventure, if you want to be on top in the middle of Cebu City and you’re not scared of heights, then do this! They said it’s awesome but I think my knees will be shaking!

I’m still thinking twice if I should do this! Thinking about it actually freaks me out already.

VISIT THE TOAIST TEMPLE. The temple of the Taoists (duh!) It’s one of the Cebu City tourist spots. If you like china town or at least feel like you’re in China then come and visit the Taoist temple!

It’s included in my lists! Someday and one day I’ll be here! Are you coming here too!?

FALL WITH KAWASAN FALLS. My older sister has been here before! She was with her classmates in college. There are a lot of stories about this place but I’m not sure if it’s true. Anyway, it’s a great place. You have to walk for few minutes to go here. So don’t bring many things. You can get near to the falls and swim.

I want to come here but its hours away from the city and still I would love to come and witness the beauty of this place.

BE AT MEGELLANS CROSS. Yes! It’s another place I haven’t really put my feet into. I think it’s near the St. Nino Basilica. If you’re in Colon (downtown) the St. Nino Basilica and the Magellans cross is just few walks away.

Should I include this in my to go list?

RELAX AT THE MOUNTAIN VIEW NATURE PARK. This place has pool, park and a great view. They also offer an over night stay with their rooms for around 500 Php to 1,500 Php.

A lot of my friends have been here and are talking about this place. There was just no one invited me yet. But I would love to come here and be relaxed!

EXPERIENCE BANTAYAN ISLAND. This is another island that people who love beaches and being under the sun should totally visit. My mom says they also sell the best and cheapest dried fish and they also have great beaches.

I would love to come visit Bantayan one day!

There are a lot of things I have not done. These are just the top 10 that I haven’t done so if you’ll come over here, don’t be like me.. 

Experience the beauty of the Philippines, enjoy Cebu! Enjoy Sugbo!

Now, I would like to hear from you guys! If you have been here what are the things that you wish you have done. If you haven’t been here in Cebu yet, share to us what you are want or planning to do…

Come on and share it to us…

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