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There’s a new launched website about Philippines that is owned by ABS-CBN called Choose Philippines. It’s pretty good website because it’s like your personal blog too where you can share your travel and experience in the Philippines.

It allows you to upload articles, I don’t know though if they have to moderate it or something but hey, it’s good that anyone could share something about the country.

I think Choose Philippines and Exotic Philippines aim is the same which is promoting the tourism of the country, so I would like to promote this website too.

I don’t mind the competition but really it’s great that I’m not alone in promoting the country here. ABS-CBN is a large network here in the Philippines and it’s totally great that even though not through my Exotic Philippines, they’re helping the country’s tourism.

They’re not just a company that just thinks of their own profit, money, business benefits but the whole country’s benefits. It’s really great to know that this kind of network is helping me out here. Though not directly, but I feel it that way. LOL.

Choose Philippines purposes to feature the undiscovered Philippines by showcasing best travel destinations, local culture, regional cuisine and the colorful fiestas and festivals.

So yeah, I never really watched ASAP today (because I was out in the mall) where they officially launched the website, but I’ve been really hearing about in TV (because I always watch ABS-CBN) and other people tweeting or sharing about it. I go over their website and registered and they’re really offering great things to people like me who would want to promote the country, or to non-Filipino who wants to share their experience and to people who would like to know more about the country.
I haven’t put an article their yet because I don’t know what to say really. I’m just browsing the whole site and know what it can offer to me and to you guys. So far right now, it’s about sharing your experience and the life here in the Philippines, which is great already.

I’ll update you guys through twitter or through the Exotic Philippines Facebook fan page if ever I was able to write something at Choose Philippines but hey, don’t wait for my article for you to visit the website.

Go ahead and visit their website. It’s different if you’re the one who’s really going to see things in it.

That’s all for today and I hope you all will try to visit Choose Philippines and do hope that you will still come back here in Exotic Philippines (LOL).

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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