Filipino Peepz Living in the Philippines

As what I have shared to you guys since I started this blog, I've been living in the Philippines for whole my life

I created the Exotic Philippines blog for me to be your somewhat insider. Not a bad one though, just someone who could be able to tell and share with you what's the reality here in the Philippines.

Some of you may have heard from your fellow countrymen, friends, relatives or from other website or forums about the country. Some of them may have been living in the Philippines already or just visited. I've read them, I searched the internet and read a lot of lies there.

Anyway, I would like to share to you how I've seen some of the Filipino live in my country. Now that I live in a city in Cebu Philippines I've seen people in the street, in the side walk trying to find and earn money for them to be able to at least eat once a day.

I've seen children with no clothes in the street, I've seen children going to school without at least a sleeper, I've seen children selling picked flowers or home made rags for them to earn some money and feed their siblings. Some children even go house to house to sing, perform and do whatever they can make their audience happy so that they'll earn some little money. Yes, some don't even go to school to help their parents or to get a job.

Way back when I was these kids age, all I need for school is there. Even things that I don't even need. Books, notebooks, pen, pencils, toys, anything that a kid would love to have. My parents let me enjoy my childhood, and to see and knowing that these kids are not it's totally heart breaking and at the same time I'm amazed of their strengths.

Some elder Filipino who has no one to take care of them even sit on the street asking for food or a little money. Some are disabled, sick or just totally old. They don't know what else to do for them to be able to eat at least once in a day.

Yes, some are even in the trash looking for something to eat even it was ate and thrown away. Don't believe me? Here's a video that a father feeds his family with trash food in the fast food chains and thanked God for the food.

I would like this to be an eye opener to some. May it be a Filipino too or not. We should all see that there are people out there that are living in the Philippines with nothing or even no one. Who would be there for them? Will you just let these kids be like this forever? Who will give them help?

It's been my dream to help these people. I hope through this, I could. I hope through this, I could help them knock the heart of the people from all over the world to give and share to them even a little help and love.

If only I am fortunate enough to help them and give them another chance in life, a new way of life, a new life...but I am not.

Photos by: Jon Ouano

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