Love in the Philippines

filipino love

I’ve been struggling these past few days on what to post here in Exotic Philippines blog. My mind wasn’t that willing to participate because of my work and the death of my father.

I checked what you guys are looking for here in the blog. There are lots going on and questions from all over the world but first, I would like to discuss this.

The following are the questions I’ve got from you guys where I would like to answer…

Can you really find true love in the Philippines?
The kind of love we’re talking about here is love towards a person.

I know a lot of you are thinking twice in finding true love or a lifetime partner here in the country. Behind the news, the gossips or whatever you may have heard about the risks and negative feedbacks about the country, the Filipino people are still human who have feelings.

You may have heard other non-Filipino men were fooled by a Filipina. He may have been used or just made a fool out of him, but these doings are mostly results from other foreign people that did the same thing to these Filipinas.

Still, there is a light somewhere. Not all Filipino are like these, just look for that person at the right place. Don’t go around from club to club giving money, because it’s TRUE LOVE to you that you want and not the true love for money. Don’t exchange money for love, for real love cannot be bought.

So to make everything short, yes! Of course! You can find true love here in the Philippines.

filipino love

Can Filipina love money?
Our country is not as rich as the US, or even China. We’re supposed to be rich but due to selfish people, corrupt government officials our treasures is gone like a bubble. We struggle each day to make a living, to feed our selves and family, to survive each day and eat at least once a day.

It is true that a lot of the Filipino can possibly accept any offer if you give them money. That is because of the hardship of life and the shortcut that you’re offering them. I hope you guys won’t use this because you really won’t get real love through this.

In short, maybe a Filipina can be with you because of the money that you have, but not all of us. We’ll just feel cheap if we’re being with a man because of not wanting to be poor.

What to give a Filipino girl to let her know u love her?
There’s no material thing that could tell how much you feel towards a person. Just let her feel through your words and actions that you mean what you feel towards her.

filipino love

When to let Filipina know that you love her?
May it be a Filipina or not, you should let her know how you feel when you’re totally sure what you feel. Saying what you THINK YOU FEEL and not being sure of it may have a lot of consequences and may cause pain to you and to the other. So as long as you’re sure, let her know then you can feel some Filipino love...

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