Manny Vs. Sugar

This is the fight we’ve been all waiting for months since it’s been announced!

I would love Manny to win in this fight again and bring the bacon to the country! Everybody loves Manny here and we all will always support him.

As I have asked you in my previous post (my announcement about the free Pacquiao Vs. Mosely live streaming here in Exotic Philippines), I asked you on who’s your bet!

Today is the day that we all will find out who will win in this great event!

I would love to put the People’s Champ on the table as my bet! As always he was anyway.

So guys and gals I hope you all will enjoy the fight and hopefully Mayweather will be the next to sleep on the ring. Who’s with me?

Anyway, I know I’m making you guys itch and by now you’re wondering where the hell is the live streaming links, well here is the link to page for the Philippines Champ fight for today…

Thank you for checking the website and enjoy everyone!

Go Pacman!

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