The Beautiful Palawan of the Philippines

The Palawan Island province is one of the most beautiful places here in the Philippines where you could reconnect yourself to the mother earth. It is such an idyllic paradise that I’m sure that all of you would love to stay.
Palawan Philippines has an invitingly calm atmosphere and nature themes of tropical bliss that you could totally enjoy. It’s a great place to have your getaway from this busy world.

It is a great place to spend your summer on January to May since it has rainy months of June to December. May to June is the best time to sail to Palawan Philippines and the summer months are still the peak season for tourists and travelers.

If you love beaches, dive sites, waterfalls, hot springs and other ecotourism destinations then Palawan is the place for you! The Underground River, Manikit Hot Springs, Tigman Beach, Estrella Falls, Miniloc Island Lagoons and Mangit Cave are the top sites that are in Palawan Philippines.

Diving in Palawan is one of the things that tourists love to do. Palawan has great sites in land, in water and underwater. The province has varieties of diving sites especially for diving enthusiasts!

You won’t have any problem in staying in Palawan Philippines. Palawan has hotels, pension houses and inns to serve you and make the best of your stay within your budget.

If you are looking for a place to stay, you can use the Exotic Philippines Hotel Reservation area. I have a actually done a little search for you, so just click here if you want to search hotels in Puerto Princesa City, the capital of Palawan.

Palawan also has lots of restaurants!

Most of the hotels in Palawan Philippines have bars and restaurants where you can usually have a great bite! You’ll be able to taste Filipino food there and of course the international cuisines.

Palawan, the Philippines last frontier, is fortunate with 1,768 island destinations and islets, many of which have unusual coastlines that make outstanding harbors. Quite fittingly, on it’s almost 1.5 million hectare land area stands Nature in all her virgin glory-wrapped in a mantel of tropical rain forests, primeval caves, majestic mountains, and untraded beach locations. Palawan is in the middle of a coral shelf that abounds with varied and colourful marine life, hence, the island province has been declared a sanctuary.

Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park is the country’s biggest marine environment. It serves huge manta rays, sea turtles and a huge selection of reef fish species. Positioned in the centre of the Sulu Sea, the marine park is 33,200 hectares of barrier atoll, scarcely emergent islets and opens water, and makes up a unique complete open ocean environment. It is written in the World Heritage List as "rare and superlative phenomena and also formations, features and places of exceptional beauty." It’s to be found some 98 miles from Puerto Princesa and is a leading diving destination.

For many years, Palawan’s abundant resources, prosperous wildlife and incredible great beauty are known only to the many ethnic communities that prosper in these islands and a few other daring settlers who wanted to live in unpolluted surroundings. Ecology awareness is at a high level throughout the province. Puerto Princesa is very much proud of itself as the cleanest city in the Philippines. To protect its mega diversity, only eco-friendly programs are being stick to by tourist institutions. And there are strict ordinances against dynamite fishing with only net and line fishing allowed. 

Come and visit the beautiful Palawan Philippines and experience one of th best Philippines tourist attractions!

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