Rico the Magician!

Rico the Magician Pilipinas Got Talent

I have mentioned on one of my previous post about a show here in the Philippines, the show Pilipinas Got Talent.

It’s 2nd season now and auditions for season 3 is on going. This show have really lifted and made a lot of dreams come true, just like the first champion of the show, Jovit Baldivino.

Today, I would like to introduce to you one of my favorites in the show, Romarico Sanorjo aka Rico the Magician. He’s a 57 years old magician, not just any magician he’s happy and energetic magician that’s why he is fun to watch.

Watch his audition video in Pilipinas Got Talent show so that you would know what I’m talking about here. Here it is Rico the Magician.

Now you saw his first show in the talent show, what can you say?

At his age, he’s really energetic and very much entertaining. I just love his energy and his magic. Some magicians choose to magic small things because, well they’re small. Rico have ducks, large birds and a dog too.

It’s really something new to the eyes of the Filipino people. It’s something unique, his magic and the way he entertain the audience is really something that made the whole nation loved him.
One of the judges even can’t believe how Rico the Magician have hidden these animals those things that he just did. It’s really something!

Now, let me show you his second performance in the show for the semi-finals. It’s another new magic and another shocking stuff.

(The video is the start and the last part of the whole show, you may not finish the video as long as you are able to watch the part of Rico’s performance)

It’s another energetic and very impressive performance!

He has done a great job in this performance and I just loved it!

He was able to magic his wife (the woman in his staff) and everyone’s totally asking where his wife is that time. Being able to magic his dog into the box then the snake, that’s really something!

People are really entertained by him, even the judge Sir FMJ is dancing and waiving his hands. Kris Aquino (the woman in the middle of the two judges) is even shouting. So Rico is really something!

Sadly, Rico the Magician wasn’t able to continue and be a part of the contestants for the Finals of the show. The judges have to decide between the Madrigal Siblings which is another group of kids who sings together, another great contestant in the show.

I am writing this post so that he will be discovered by more people. He’s been invited by people to perform ever since he joined the show and I am hoping that he’ll get more! He deserves to have a great benefit from his talent.

I don’t know how to contact Rico the Magician, so if any of you know (since I’ve got Filipino readers too) please do leave his contact information. Would really love to help him out!

Thank you for visiting Exotic Philippines, hope you guys enjoyed Rico the Magician's performance and share this post about him! Let’s help him out! 

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