Why NOT to visit The Philippines!?!

I have been thinking a lot of these past few days on how could I encourage and convince you guys to visit the Philippines. How could I let you see what’s great here in my country and let you get a sneak peak of what’s inside the package.

A lot of people have been talking about the Philippines. May it be negative talks like the kidnapping in Mindanao or positive things, different people have different ideas and thoughts.
Instead of telling you why you should come over here, today I’ll tell you WHY NOT TO VISIT THE PHILIPPINES!

I’ll give you top 5 reasons why you should not. If everything is checked, then consider coming to other country.


If you think the people and culture sucks. Then don’t come here.

We the Filipino people have different blends of adaptations. Our hospitality and gentleness couldn’t be found elsewhere in this world. The Filipinos are God fearing people, gentle, jolly and we always love to make our best to make your stay here, the best! A Filipino can even smile behind all circumstances that are going on. We can still put smiles on our faces behind the hardships of our lives. We remain strong and happy.

So if you can’t live with that, then one point for the NOT TO COME corner.


If you hate the nature that it makes you sick seeing waterfalls, beautiful mountains, eye dropping views, lakes, caves, beaches or anything that is related to nature. Have another check for NOT TO COME.

Why? Because every beauty of nature, the Philippines have it! From land to the sea, we do have it! This country can offer you a great view that you’ll totally be proud of seeing it at least once in your life. There’s the Ifugao Rice Terraces, the beautiful beaches and under water view of different islands, the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol Philippines, and a lot more!

So yeah, if you hate that, that it would make you get sick and rather be hospitalized, then don’t consider coming here.


This is really not important though, but instead that you just love your own country’s cuisine, don’t you worry! There are a lot of restaurants here that offers foreign cuisines, it’s quite expensive though.

The Philippines Filipino food have similarities with Japanese and Chinese exotic foods.  We love to eat! (That’s why I’ve gone fat!) But I would totally suggest for you to try our foods, it sounds sucks but the taste is totally worth dying for! I think you’ve heard of balut but if you haven’t then you should check out my post about Balut egg tutorial with Mikey Bustos. Anyway, you should also try the Pancit noodles that resemble long life! It is noodles with lots of mixtures of veggies and/or meant, and/or sea foods. Or maybe try the Chicken Adobo or just try the Philippine exotic foods!


I don’t know if you know this but Filipinos just love to celebrate! May it be birthday, death anniversary, wedding anniversary, wedding, a job, just got promoted, or even when a family member came home, we do celebrate!

There are actually lots of concerts (since we are also talented people) so this mean there are events, a lot of bar to hang out and stuff.

Honestly, I don’t know much about this part, the festival and entertainment? Sheeesh! I don’t drink (anymore), I’ve never been into a concert (because I can’t), and I don’t like or celebrate festivals (because of my believes). So if you’re with me, we’ve got another point for NOT TO COME in the Philippines.

But anyway, for tourism sake, there are festivals here. One of the famous festivals is the Sinulog of Cebu Philippines. Lots of tourists come here to celebrate and witness the colorful festivals.


We are cheap! No, we’re not for sale but we do offer you cheap stuff like clothes, shoes, etc. Which is probably almost everything, why? Because we are way cheaper compared to Europe and America.

For example! I want to buy a new pair of sandals, I can have a sandal for my 100 – 300 Php. That is for the current rate for Philippine Pesos to US Dollar, let’s say 43 so it’s around 2.33-6.99 USD. So how much are your sandals there?

Well anyway, the point is if you came from America with the pocket money of 1000 USD, and then you come here in the Philippines you have 43,000 PHP. That’s big! I’m renting my place for 4,000 Php / month so you can actually pay my 10 months of bill for my place. Awesome right?!

How many checks did you’ve got? So, are coming or what?!

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