10 Tips on How to Act around Pinoys by ilikegrass

I have already watched these video months ago. I don’t know how long but really, I already have watched this!

At first, I thought it would be something like a mock video but it totally gave me a total laugh. Just like Mikey Bustos videos it’s funny but real. They added some stuff that is quite true but not applicable to all.

So first, I would like you to watch the video first before I discuss each tip that they gave. So please watch it, enjoy!

The Tips discussed:

#1 : Don’t expect them to come early…

Well, yeah it’s true. We usually call it “THE FILIPINO TIME”. My friends and I usually adjust the time at least 1 hour early of the time that we will meet.

For example, we need to be gathered in the mall at 10AM, so instead of telling them that we'll meet at 10A I just say w meet at 9AM. Else, they’ll come at 11AM or worse, you’ll wait for them until 1PM. Why not call them? Usually we reason out “it’s traffic” or “something came up”  or any other reason that is true or would make them believe is true. :P

But usually, this is applicable here in the Philippines. Not to all though because to me Filipino time is not applicable. When it’s 10AM, it is going to be 10AM. If you haven't showed up yet, then I’ll give you 30minutes and if you still wont show up then I’ll leave and will totally get mad.

I don’t know though if this is applicable in the US. I’ve never been there. I went outside the country just once so I don’t know if my fellow dear Filipinos are like that in other countries.

#2 Don’t disrespect their parents…

This is true for me. I don’t mind if people mock me, if someone just did said lots of hurtful words to me but if they will include my family. We’ll, it would be their last words.

#3 Pray before you eat…

I don’t know if you all guys know about this. We the Filipino people are very religious. Not all maybe, but MOST of us are. We always give thanks to our Father God for everything. May it be just tuyo (dried fish) or asin (salt) that is served in our table, we still gave thanks.

#4 Do not correct their accents…

For me this is quite alright if you did CORRECT IT IN PRIVATE and talk to them about their Filipino accent, don't blame our Filipino language though. Don’t let the person be humiliated in front of all people. I think Filipino or not, we don’t like that right? But for me, as long as you’re right and you do it privately. Maybe just whisper or tell the person later.  But for Filipino accents, check out Mikey Bustos the Filipino Accent Tutorial.

#5 Don’t talk about your punishment around Filipinos…

I can’t totally relate to this! But let me tell you this. Our parents do get to throw slippers (tsinelas) to us, pillows, scold us, or the worse, use the belt (sintoron) to us.

It’s not an abuse it’s discipline. I know that in the US, if you do this you could be reported in the police. Well, in our country if it’s too much or unreasonable already, we our someone can report it.

My dad do use his belt to me before, I think I wouldn’t be me if he wont do that. So for me, as long as it’s reasonable, a guide, a discipline it’s totally fine. Yeah! We don’t usually practice the ‘grounded’ punishment here.

#6 Do not expect expensive gives…

This one is kinda true.

I actually just give gifts to friends that are close to me. So if you did and will receive a gift from me, that just mean I treasure you. What kind of gifts? I don’t give play station or xbox to them, that’s too expensive!!! Maybe a stuffed toy or a card, or maybe a shirt will do.

#7 Know what bootlegs movie are…

Bootleg! The first time I heard about the word. For those who don’t know, bootleg is produce or distribute illegally.

I don’t know if you know this (again) but piracy is massive here in the Philippines. It’s sold in the street, in a mall and it’s totally displayed! There are actions being made by the government but still, it keeps on coming back.

So yeah, it’s illegal. But do you know that ONE DVD can have 5-10 movies just for around P100.00? (that is $2 USD). You can have all Harry Potter movies in one DVD. If you want the latest, well wait for a few weeks and they have it. A month after they have a DVD copy.

Cinemas here cost at least P100.00/ head. 3D cinemas cost P400-800 per head, so you do the math to convert it in your own currency. If you watch the cinema, you just watch it in 1 day and done. If you buy this pirated one, you can watch it over and over, watch it with your neighbors, friends, family and let someone borrow it. Yeah, the point is it’s cheaper! But I know piracy is totally wrong and illegal.

#8 When a joke is told, just laugh…

I could understand why you can’t relate so I think it would be better if I would tell the joke in English but it would be difficult to tell, so I’d rather not tell you about it.

So yeah, just laugh.

#9 Always know your Filipino dance moves (ocho-ocho?)…

Ocho-ocho (8-8) is actually a famous song few years back. It’s not the official dance move of the Philippines though. Knowing the dance really not that important.

#10 Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao is the best!...

I would like to tell you this, WE ALL SUPPORT MANNY HERE! When it is his fight, there’s no traffic here because everyone is at home or at the mall watching his fight. There is no crime because the criminals is watching his fight. If he wins, everyone cheers and we all the Filipino feels that we are also the winners!  That’s how much we love Manny here.

But it’s not really necessary that you must take our side, it’s even better if you don’t. I know some people that when it’s Manny’s fight they do a bet, so if you’re here a lot of people would like to have a bet with you. 

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