I’m pregnant! Give me some money...

You met this girl and you make up with her, maybe a few times or a hundred times. You do the deed, spend your days with her and it seems the thing between you two wont just work so both of you got your own separate ways.

Haven’t heard from her for days, weeks to maybe a month and suddenly you receive a message saying...

“Hey! I’m pregnant and it’s yours...”

Question: How sure are you it’s yours?

I’ve heard situations like this, number of times!

This question come up when you’re sure or 50% sure that you did not let it happen (to produce?LOL) that easy. I mean, I know you guys knows that you really did let it (as far as I have heard from men). But sometimes, you’re just not sure. :P

Another reason that this will come up is that, it’s been a long time that you haven’t did it. Lastly, you just don’t trust that person that she is indeed pregnant.

What should you do?

If I were you, I would like to go to a doctor with her. Confirming that she is indeed pregnant. Ask the doctor how many weeks or days the baby is (because they can somehow manage to know that) and of course, ask the doctor if the last time you do the deed is there any possibilities that, that is yours. I know it’s kinda awkward but hey, what do you want? Be awkward forever not knowing the baby is yours unless it comes out?

Second, wait until the baby comes out. If you can afford, have a DNA test to make sure that you’re the father! Else, just stare at the baby and see if he has some similarities to yours. (LOL)

She’s asking some money...

There’s someone I know that she make out with this girl and now that girl is saying that she’s pregnant. What makes it funny is that, she’s asking for money. At first, she wants this guy to stand up for what he did and be a man. My friend is willing, but he wont marry her. Maybe give financial support but as long as he’s 101% sure it’s totally his.

Now, the girl is asking for money again. She says she needs to pay a hostpital bill for her relative who got sick. She’s asking for thousands of money, not hundreds but more than 10,000.00 pesos! The guy's not even sure yet it's his!

What do you think? Does it sound like a fraud?

For me, if I am in that girl’s situation. If I am, for example, pregnant with this guys baby, and he’s questioning about him being the father of it, it would totally make me mad. That’s if... he’s the only guy I’m seeing before I found out I’m pregnant. If not, I guess I have to see who’s the daddy! LOL

I’ve heard from radio to online forums stories like this. But mostly, immature people are asking questions like “my girl is pregnant, I’m not ready... What should I do?” or “my girl is pregnant, so what? I’m not the one who got her virginity!” …. stupid huh!? Those questions asked IN PUBLIC are kind of questions that really, really get into my nerves.

Well, anyway. For the guys, if you are just out there to taste and spit, that is no swallow. Be careful, use your mind not what’s below. For the girls, men are full of words, and just words. You’ll be lucky if they do some actions to their words. (sorry guys!)

But as it is hard for me to admit, there are women like this, here in the Philippines.

But let me tell you this, if you're not married to the girl, if you're not sure or there's no proof YET that the baby is totally yours, then you don't hold any responsibility in giving any support to the girl or her family, or her friends. If you want to give, you may but as long as this is voluntary.

So what to comment? If this happen to you, what you will do?! What do you suggest for the guys and girls to do? Comment now!

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