Top 5 Great Pinoy Singers!

Arnel Penida

I have been watching YouTube for the whole day and wondered what’s the latest discovery of the show Pilipinas Got Talent of ABS-CBN. So I thought, why not let you know guys the known talented Filipinos!

What I’ll list here for are of course are talented singers here in the Philippines. There are lots of talented Filipinos here in the country, but I’ll list the people that I truly admire the talent in singing.

I’m a music lover myself. I use to write lyrics, yet stopped because I lost that feeling and that courage to do so. I do sing, but I don’t know if it is pleasing for everyone to hear (LOL) and I do like and want to dance but I don’t have the esteem to do so because I’m fat.

Here in the Philippines, we’ve got loads of shows that encourage people to show their talent and skills. Just like the show Pilipinas Got Talent & Showtime of ABS-CBN. These shows are the type of shows that you should visit if ever you’re planning to visit the Philippines.

So here are my top 5 pick of talented Pinoy singers!

#1 Charice Pempengco
You all heard of her! She’s been in the Oprah show, Ellen’s Show, done duet with Celine Dion and more celebrities that are well known all over the world!

Yes she has this great voice for a little girl like her. She’s great and I do agree with that. Charice have a sad past and she deserved to have all of this great stuff going on in her career.

The video above is actually my favorite performance of Charice. I just like the groove in the end and I felt like I was really there in this video. I love playing this when I’m writing or thinking or sometimes while working and of course just want to sing out what’s in my heart (but I can’t sing the way she does). In the video, as you can hear her voice was really cool and clear. Just making my hair stands.            

#2 Jovit Baldivino
He’s not famous all over the world yet but I do hope this guy will. He was 16 years old when he auditioned in the Pilipinas Got Talent Show and won as a champion of that season.

He sings and sells a food called siomai outside schools so he could help his family. He’s a simple little lad but with a great voice! We’re all glad and I am happy for him that he did win the contest because just like Charice, he deserves this chance in his life.

The video above is the grand finals of the show Pilipinas Got Talent where he won the contest. That is his performance to win the contest. A lot of people and almost all people have supported him. He was simple in the grand finals (to think it’s the finals) and you can really hear his voice within him, him singing in front of all people. You can hear and judge in the crowd.

#3 Sarah Geronimo
She’s another star that was discovered in a singing contest in a TV show. I don’t know the exact name of the show but I know the host of the show is the Asia’s song bird Regine Velasquez.

Before there is Charice, there is Sarah. Sarah is one of the singers that sing the Celine Dion songs. She even won the contest singing the Celine Dion song.

What I like about Sarah is that she’s not just a diva, she can rap, pop and can dance and sing at the same time. Examle? You should watch the video above. That’s one of her performance in ABS-CBN’s ASAP Rocks. Sarah is not just a singer, she’s an actress and the Philippines Pop Star Princess.

#4 Arnel Penida
I think you guys know Arnel. He’s the new lead singer of the band Journey. His voice is like the exact clear copy of the previous lead singer of the band. I don’t know how that happened but he’s really good.

Arnel use to sing with his band in some bars or just anywhere they can do their gig. He was discovered through Youtube (just like Charice) and was invited to come to Ellen’s Show. The Journey saw him and became the new lead singer.

The above video is his performance with the Journey. He’s doing great! Just love it! I can’t tell the difference if it’s him or the original lead singer of the Journey band, can you tell?

#5 Marcilito Po Moy
Now, this guy just discovered in the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent. He’s like a voice impersonator or let’s say a copy cat voice of Regine Velasquez. I don’t know if you guys know Regine but she’s famous here and she is the asia’s song bird.

Marcilito can sing in Regine’s voice and his voice. It’s totally amazing especially if you know and can recognize Regine’s voice. He’s a guy you know, and guys have lower voice and Regine got this high pitched voice but Marcilito can get it.

So as you can see in the above video, it’s his audition in the Pilipinas Got Talent Show and the judge was totally amazed. So he’s not really that famous yet, but he’ll surely get there.

There you go everyone! My top 5 pick of the Filipino singers here in the Philippines. Please don’t judge how I ranked them. It’s nothing to do with who’s the best or not. It’s just a list and no rankings on who’s the best.

Hope you enjoyed the videos and leave a comment. If you’ve got any suggestions then just put it right down there.

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