Top 5 Filipino Food an Exotic Should Try Out!

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A lot of non-Filipino are getting into the taste of the Filipino food. I know few of them that totally got hitched with it and want to know more other Filipino foods.

If you are here in the Philippines, you should totally try out the foods. So in this blog post, I’ll give you an idea what Filipino foods you should try to eat. I’ll give you an idea what it taste like and what are its ingredients (just in case you have allergies, you could avoid eating the food).

I didn’t conduct any poll or survey but these top 5 Filipino food ill be giving out is the food that I suggest you should taste. I’m talking about viands here, not fruits so let’s start it of with:

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#5: Kinilaw / Kilawin

Kinilaw or Kilawin is an exotic Philippines delicacy where the main ingredients are a raw fish and/or meat. When you say Kinilaw, it is just the raw fish and Kilawin is the raw fish with the grilled meat. The fresh fish meat or seafood for Kilawin is also seasoned, marinated or cooked with vinegar or juices of bitter fruits and seasonings to bring out its flavor.

filipino food kinilaw

#4: Pinakbet

I don’t eat this but if you’re a vegetables lover, then try this. Pinakbet is a popular vegetable dish flavored with bagoong, it's an origin of the Ilocano people. Then it became additionally grown standard throughout the country.

filipino food lechon

#3:  Lechon

Lechon or litson may be a sought-after food throughout special occasions. A suckling pig is skewered in an exceedingly bamboo pole and roasted manually over hot coals till the skin turns reddish brown and crisp, and also the meat to tender. It’s served in an exceedingly thick dipping sauce made up of chicken and pork livers, sugar and spices, and vinegar. La Loma in Quezon City and Cebu Philippines is known for having the best lechon!

filipino food dried fish
Dried Fish
#2 Dried Fish

Most non-Filipino people don’t like this because of its smell. Dried fish or what we called Tuyo (tagalog) / buwad/bulad (Cebuano) is a salted sun-dried fish. It is very popular in the country because it’s cheap, taste good and can last for weeks without destroying, even without refrigeration.

#1 Balut

filipino food balut
Now this is one of my favorite! I eat this ever since I was still little. I can eat 2 to 5 balut in a meal! Some people find it disgusting and weird but if you just base everything from the taste, it's super delicious! A balut is actually a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo within that's boiled and eaten within the shell. In the Philippines, balut eaters like salt and/or a chili and vinegar mixture to season their egg. The eggs are savored for his or her balance of textures and flavors. The soup surrounding the embryo is sipped from the egg before the shell is peeled, and therefore the yolk and young chick within is eaten. All of the contents of the egg could also be consumed, though the white could stay uneaten.

These Filipino foods are totally great! If you will come over here in the Philippines you should definitely try these!

There are other great Filipino foods that you should try but this is just my own top 5 list for you guys!

So what do you think? Can you eat these?!


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