Filipino Language 001: In the Beginning

filipino langauge

Here in Exotic Philippines, I will not just give you travel tips, filpino food, Philippine tourist attractions but also I will teach you how to speak the Filipino language.
The Filipino language is the language that is used mostly by the people who live in Luzon area, which is centered by Manila but known all over the country because it is the Philippine’s national language.

Don’t confuse yourself between the Filipino language and Tagalog. Filipino is actually the synonym and the formal name of Tagalog. It is unanimously known as Tagalog among the Philippines and/or among Filipinos to differentiate it from different Philippine languages, however has come back to be called Filipino to differentiate it from different countries' languages.
exotic philippines manuel quezon
Manuel L. Quezon
With between around 150 languages in the Philippines, the former president of the Philippines Manuel Luis Quezón y Molina have implement and approve the constitution that have made and declaring that Tagalog would be the national language of the Philippines.
I know two (2) languages here in the Philippines which are Tagalog and Visayan (Bisaya). So every Friday I’ll be teaching you (for free!) three (3) words in Tagalog and Visayan and then use it in a sentence! I would also speak it in Filipino, and do some Filipino to English translation or vice versa. That is to make you really understand the Filipino language.
I am also thinking of offering Filipino to English translation (again, it’s for free!) that’s if anyone would ask me to translate it. So if you’ve got something that you want me to do a Filipino to English translation, comment down there and I would get back to you next Friday!
For now, I hope you guys would be okay with just writing it in a blog. I am still trying to find a good video recorder or at least a voice recorder.
Next on Exotic Philippines! I’ll be giving out top 5 Filipino food that you should totally try!

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