Filipino Language 002: Greet me in Filipino or Visayan!

Welcome to my first Exotic Philippines Filipino language tutorial.

I have been living in the Philippines my whole life. So yes! I know the Filipino language and of course the Visayan vernacular. Here in Cebu Philippines, we speak the Visayan dialect and there are a lot of places here in the Philippines that use the dialect but there maybe some little differences. But still, they have the same meaning.
Through out our lessons, as I said in my first post (Filipino Language 001) I will give the English to filipino translation, then to Visayan , and vice versa.

The Visayan language is usually called Cebuano and there are some use the term “bisaya” and if you’re a person who speaks bisaya fluently, you can be called “bisdak”. Bisdak is the merging of the two words “bisaya” and “dako”. Dako is a Visayan dialect that means big. So if you really know how to speak bisaya, you are actually a bisdak (bisayang dako)!

Let’s start with the basics, the greetings!


The Filipino language that I’ll be teaching you today are:
  • Hi!
  •   How are you?
  •  Good day!
  •   Good Morning
  •   Good Noon!
  • Good Afternoon!
  • Good Evening!
In the video, I have done the Filipino to English translation and of course the Visayan to English too! You should watch the video or listen to my audio, for you to be able to know how to speak and use it. It’s not that hard don’t you worry. It’s totally easy!

If you want to learn more Filipino language, come back again. Share this website to your friends. If you need any help in translation, I would totally love to help. Just leave a comment below and I’ll answer it as soon as I can.

‘Till next time….


Next here in Exotic Philippines! It’s Valentines Day! So let’s spread the love this Monday, I’ll be giving you some tips on Filipino love. 

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